Thank You to FlisKits and Hangar11


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Jun 24, 2009
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FlisKits and Hangar 11 hobbies were co-sponsors in a Make It - Take It weekend project at the CTRA/NARCONN 10th annual Invitational Launch this past weekend in Cobleskill, NY. My two girls had a great time with their projects. Jim Flis donated a ton of parts and Hangar 11 had work space and construction supplies for all those 16 and under.
Thanks to both of you for supporting the hobby and keeping the interest alive in the future of the hobby.
Happy Birthday FlisKits!!!


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Jan 17, 2009
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you are much welcome :) In all actuality, the parts were co-donated by FlisKits *and* Hangar 11, so the thanks got to both organizations :)

Are there any pictures? A link to the web site??



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Aug 17, 2001
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My sincerest thanks to the CTRA / NARCONN club for hosting yet another GREAT Invitational event. This was our [ my son Joe and I ] second Invitational and was a great launching experience. The flying, the pizza party, the trophies, the kids running back and forth from the pool to the bowling alley. [GUMBY and ROCKET JOE Video ] It doesn't get any funnier than the gumby video.... A definite MUST for all of you Gumby fans out there....

I'm making may reservations for next year already.....

With respect to the "MAKE IT TAKE IT" Event, this idea came to be from the last invitational where my son Joe an his friends were making paper rockets and flying them. It was hard to tell if they had more fun making them or flying them.. bottom line BIG TIME FUN and NO worries... the way things should be for children growing up.....

In developing the idea, I had wanted the children to experience the model rocket building the way I remembered it when I was young, balsa cones, balsa fins, cardboard tubes, etc. With Fliskit's help I believe we succeeded.

I contacted Jim Flis and with a request to help out with the parts for the construction of 50 model rockets... Jim put together a GREAT assortment of parts, Balsa nose cones, BT motor mounts chures, shock cord. We split the cost on the parts and Hangar 11, Inc provided the tent, tables, glue, tools, safety glasses, for children 16 and under to build a model rocket... We had ~ 25 sign up on the sign in sheet.. a few more popped in now and then. The " MAKE IT TAKE IT " tent was also a "repair shop " for some of the more unique designs. [ GRIN ] We had a full tent almost all day for both Sat and Sunday.

I want to thank the parents who were amazingly restrained and allowed their children the freedom to experiment and come up with some very unique designs....

We had many great flights and lots of happy faces leaving with their rockets....

We did take a few pics and I hope they make it to the CTRA website......

Jim Flis, My sincerest thanks for helping make this possible.

Lastly I want to thank ALL of the "MAKE IT TAKE IT" children, you made this event a great success.... I hope to see all of you at the range flying your projects.....

Bobby B
Hangar 11, Inc.