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Ryan S.

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Mar 24, 2003
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This year I decided to do TARC with my school, Milton Academy. Anyway, with exams, the sub team and a bunch of other things happening, we got off to a late start. For this reason we designed a simple rocket, and I convinced the teacher in charge we should use Fliskits parts. They got here very quickly and now building will begin!!!

Thanks Jim!!!!
Ditto... we also ordered our TARC parts from FlisKits... grade A service Jim! :) She's all built and ready to fly at the end of this month, with backup dates at the beginning of next month... no pictures until AFTER April 12th ;)
its so much better going through a small company, if I had had to go through estes or something I would have had to find a vendor, and once I did, one might not have all the parts.

I am glad I ordered from fliskits, it was easier, and I would much rather give my buisness to someone I know
well, thank you! :)

I gotta say... took me a couple of weeks to realize what was happening...

all of a sudden (still going on), we're getting orders for dozens of BT-70 tubes, NCB-70AJ nose cones (can't keep 'em on the shelf) and other misc items like cluster kits for BT-70 tubes, etc...

I was going NUTS till I got a call from this one teacher in a panic wondering if her teams order would come in time...

Then it all made sense! As for that one teachers order, as soon as she said TARC I knew what's been up. Further, I noticed that she had ordered a cluster kit for a BT60 and 1/32" balsa fin stock. That was clearly in error and we got that corrected (much to her delight).

Had I thought of this earlier (and now I know) I would have come up with special pricing for TARC teams. This *will* happen next year, should TARC continue (which I hope it does!)

I expect to see pix and hear reports on ALL these TARC entries, but especially those using FlisKits parts :)

I am kinda curious how these teachers knew about FlisKits? Are you listed somewhere on TARC website? Students telling the teachers where to get the "Good Stuff?"
FlisKits tends to place fairly well on search engines (according to my stats) and we're also very well connected educationally (more so in the coming year)
I have the box here, I think I might need to cut some centering rings because we might have gotten the wrong ones, o well, thats just because I am an idiot ;)

I gotta get building!!!!
they were the ones i ordered, everything is working great. I just used a bigger tube (better anyway more chute room). I will send you some pics of the Bird thus far if you want. definantly some finished pics for the webpage if I get a good flamejob on there ;)

Your components are awesome, I ecspecially like the way the parachutes are cut out, although I was frustrated at first (I should read the directions....but unfortunantly I lack patience. ;);)) but they came out amazing.

The rocket should be pretty much done tommorow when I get some balsa

BTW Fliskits customer support could not be any more amazing, a great list of the parts I ordered came through, and Jim even dug up this thread and responded as soon as he got back....I am so glad I decided to go with you guys!!!