Tested my Eggfinder Quantum today.

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Jan 19, 2015
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Built in about 5 hours Wednesday evening, (including mealtime) and some reflowing a few spots. Check out excellent, used the deployment channel test and it worked perfectly. Built a quark also but haven't tested beyond getting the correct beeps. Worked under a magnifier and took my time, it wasn't terribly daunting. My first SMC job, but I have some experience in through hole construction.

Flew the Quantum today, but not DD as my DD model isn't done. I LOVE the ability to arm from my cell and the afterflight report. The wifi setting of channels and arming is fantastic

I'll take some time tomorrow to at least test the quark for deployment channel firing.
Way to go.. you are really going to have your socks knocked off when you see your first flight report on your phone !