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Jan 18, 2009
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Testing something that I ran into when replying to the Strap-on boosters thread.

The Gif's I posted got turned into small unreadable images.

Link to original image is here:


Use a browser that does not automatically reduce the size of images to fit the window, or you will not see the above GIF as clearly as it is at original size, or as much of the quality contrast with the Jpeg below right.

In the attached image below left , I am going to post the exact same file above, which is a GIF file. When I posted that file to the Strap-on Booster thread, the forum software converted it into a Jpeg ad made it much smaller dimensionally, about 1/3. I have already done a message preview and see that yes, this re-post did the same exact thing.

The image at below right, I converted it to a jpeg myself, which uploaded fine, but it loses quality in the conversion from a GIF drawing, Jpegs are usually as bad an idea for GIF drawings as GIF Photos are for photographs.

Anyone have any idea why this happened? Why uploading a GIF would get turned into a Jpeg, and reduced to about 1/3 size dimensionally?

A really ironic dumb thing of this is that the original GIF is 20K, while the Jpeg I was forced to convert to make it upload at the original dimension size, is a 94.5 K file.

I note that the max file size is 19.5K for GIF's but then my computer does not list file size accurately, the Jpeg version on my computer is shown as 164K, but on TRF's attachment manager it is shown as 94.5K, so I suspect my "20K" Gifs were well under 20K. And usually when I have tried to upload an image that is too large, the attachment manager stops me (though I have only run into that when doing Jpegs, then downsized them to fit)

Now, if the answer to this question is that my 20K Gif's were the cause, a hair over, then that really is not a great answer in the long run since being forced to convert a GIF into a Jpeg that is about 475% larger in file size, yet totally inferior in image quality, makes no sense. Not if there is an option to increase the GIF size similar to the Jpeg size, people are going to be posing tons of Jpegs (photos) over Gif's anyway. But it is silly to force good quality GIF's into inferior quality Jpegs at many times the file size of the GIF.

- George Gassaway



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