Tech Toys for wireless video! (Pics)


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Jul 29, 2003
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OK, All the kit has arrived for my 2004 rocketry exploits.

1. Pentium4 2.66Ghz Laptop with 15.1" TFT screen - nice and fast for capturing live video.

2. GrabBee III USB audio and video capture unit. Very compact and USB powered - gives excellent video quality and frame rates @ 320x240.

3. 1.2Ghz AV receiver powered by a PP3 9v battery. Range upto 1000ft (line of sight).

4. 1.2Ghz micro colour camera also powered by 1 9v PP3 battery. This thing is amazing - excellent quality in an ultra small package.

Costs so far:

Laptop: £799 (will be used for other stuff - mainly surfing the net on the sofa via 2.4Ghz wireless LAN)
Grabbee III: £45
Wireless Video system: £50
Batteries: £6
Running total: £900

Don't think I bought all this stuff simply for rocketry - I am not that mad! All the items have additional uses in other applications: I also have robo telescopes that use the laptop and video systems for space imaging :)

Steve C.
Hove UK.