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Apr 17, 2009
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Hey, Guy's we are looking for persons interested in working with us to put a small amateur satellite into LEO. Any one interested is welcome to join we have all levels of people on our team from beginners to NASA veterans young and old. It cost nothing to be on the team and we are all about having fun doing what we like to do. Promoting amateur space and rocketry in all forms. We help out everyone we can along the way. We work with people like Richard Nakka and SS2S and Steve Eves with his V rocket. The X-Prize and many other interest.

Team Prometheus

We have new members and a new launch site in Cal. We need all the help we can get getting the new website put up and listing all the new members and the new hardware. As well as what we have to offer.
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If your goal is "to put a small amature satellite into LEO", you might want to learn how to spell amateur. Correcting all of the other errors in your post wouldn't have hurt either.

I'm sorry, but if you can't even be bothered with simple details like those, then what is your team going to mess up that really matters? I mean, clearly no one proofread your post before you hit the "Submit Reply" button.

That was harsh, no denying it, but *all* of the details matter.
:rolleyes: :eek:

Good luck!
Did somebody spit in your coffee this morning? Sheez you're grumpy.:D
Isnt that a personal attack? Some peple are just too uptight about a FORUM posts speling. Monroe has alot of suport from rocketry planet and has made alot of progres on the project with alot of other very qualified team members, its only this site wich i continuly notice has a 5:1 attack:feedback ratio
....really? 5:1?

You, of course, mined data here to prove this.

But I don't hardly think so, this is, by far, the most polite board I post on. And maybe one of the most educated bunch on a forum I know of(I quit going to MENSA boards because of snobbery).

But really, spelling does count, if you want people to take you seriously.;)
Wrong! What counts is what happens when you push the LAUNCH button. All BS stops there. I'm just an average guy guy's. I'm not any better than any of you. I can hit the edit button and fix it. That's what we do when we make mistakes FIX them. Thats how we get to space. You are welcome to come along if you like, or not. We want people that want to believe and can do something besides give opinions, it takes work! lots of it.

I agree, but I also disagree.

Your approach of trying things, learning from them, and moving forward, is exactly what you have to do. Test out new ideas, refine them, figure out if they worked as designed, or if it worked by luck, and adjust accordingly.

You're working towards a goal, and a very challenging goal at that. That's what it's all about, and I applaud you for that.

As far as "all BS stops there" when you push the launch button, I don't entirely agree. Even if it worked, with a goal like yours, it needs to be analyzed -- did it really work, or did you dodge a bullet, and get lucky? Luck will rarely get you into LEO.

Keep working towards your goal; keep trying things out, investigating, learning, and going from there.

We are working toward a goal. I can't do much toward reaching that goal by myself. Thanks for the good words. Let's see how lucky we get. We have a good team. We just acquired a second Launch Site and are providing commercial Launch Services. We need more help getting info on to the web if anybody’s interested. We need to build a new site for our comercial services and all of that. As well as update the current site with all the new members and the Near Space Expedition, Quad Pod, Videos and photo's As well as write up's. Contributing "Core" members get stock in ANEI.


Here is some of what we can offer right now.

-- Launch and landing site determination

-- Trajectory simulation work, including detailed dispersion analysis

-- Hazards analysis

-- U.S. government approvals

-- FAA licensing

-- BLM BLM n abbr (US) (= Bureau of Land Management) Å® les domaines approvals

-- Launch operations

-- Portable launcher with five-person Launch Control Center

-- Fixed 20,000-pound launcher with 40-foot rail

-- Wind-weighting services

-- Hardware post-launch retrieval

-- Insurance acquisition

-- Certified launch crew

-- Telemetry

Highly automated communications process by which data are collected from instruments located

at remote or inaccessible points and transmitted to receiving equipment for measurement,

monitoring, display, and recording. receiving

-- Launch vehicle processing facilities

-- Power, heat, water, phones, Internet access.

-- Roll-away vehicle processing facility

-- Consultation services

-- Launch vehicle design

-- Stability and accuracy considerations

-- Vehicle-to-launcher rail integration

Avionics capabilities:

Custom and modular:

-- Data recorders

-- Video

-- GPS

-- 3-axis accelerometers

-- 3-axis magnetometers

-- Telemetry broadcast

-- Tracking and recovery beacons

-- Sounding rockets

-- University launch vehicles and programs, including high-altitude and space launches

-- "Rockets for Schools" programs (providing educational opportunities worldwide)

-- Other endo- and exo-atmospheric programs

Additional services:

-- Motor casing hydro pressure-certification testing

-- Propulsion static tests of solid, liquid, and hybrid motors

-- Advanced-technology development programs

-- High-performance hybrid rocket motors

-- Wind weighting system advanced technology
-- Portable tracking and telemetry systems

-- Usage of GPS systems for sounding rocket applications
I'm not going to apologize for believing that all of the details matter, and as dave carver mentioned, spelling does count if you want to be taken seriously.

Also? I wished your team luck in my earlier post, and I meant it.
Thanks! We will take all the luck we can get. Hey! I'm not offended, that was very mild comparatively. I've even had one troll create a profile and just add a dot(.) to the end of my name. Even swiped a photo of me and posted it as the avatar. Tried to cause me trouble. No big deal and thanks!

Team Prometheus/Aeronautic Enterprises made the final 10 for the New Space Frontier Foundations Heinlein Business Plan Competition for the $5000.00 Prize at the New Space Conference 09' at the NASA/AMES Research Center in Southern California. We will be competing with the X-Prize team Next Giant Leap and 8 other teams in a competition for the best business plan among the competing new space start-up companies.
Before the competition we will be launching a rocket from the California launch site in the desert. We are looking forward to meeting and competing with the other teams and doing our best to advance New Space for all the people involved in "going to space today" and the growing New Space industry.
Good luck and Godspeed to all competitors we are all winners and champions for our cause.

Team Prometheus
New Website is up! Come watch our live video and see all the new stuff going on. We are building the prototype lander for the GLXP Team Frednet and are about to test our satellite on a near space balloon. We are building the tracking station and a whole lot more.

Working with Masten space systems, Cornell University, SS2S (Sugar Shot 2 Space) Team Frednet and others.

Facebook Monroe Lee King Jr. and or Team Prometheus