Team Canada brings home Capitol Cup medals

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Mar 3, 2009
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At the two day Capitol Cup in Manassas VA Team Canada scored well.

Taras - S2P Gold
Peter - S6A Silver
Kevin - S8 Bronze
Saverio - S6A -Gold, S9A - Gold, Overall Champion -Silver
Richard - Range crew/timer

Our six medals are the most ever won by a Canadian Team at a FAI sanctioned event.

Richard :D

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Some of the best fliers in the world! It was wonderful to see such great friends do so well. Congratulations, guys (We'll get you in Muskegon :))!

Photos below are of Taras prepping his S2P and getting his gold medal for same.


Taras prepping3.JPG
Congratulations to Team Canada, nice to see all those medals. Are the event performances posted anywhere?

Garth Illerbrun
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We need to inspire more Canadians to participate in FAI sanctioned events and field a respectable TEAMS for the 2018 Can-Am in Michigan and World Championships in Poland.

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