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Jan 17, 2009
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I wanted to have a little sale, and I figured what could be better than giving something away for free during tax time? so here it is ...

Tax days special from

Buy any rocket decals set, and get Free custom lettering (Value up to 50% of the purchased decal sets price!)

That's right I said FREE, zip zilch nada!!!

Hows it work?

Go to my website

Choose any Rocket decals set (I.E. buy 7.0" fat boy for $35.00 get free lettering up to $17.50. If you go over that I can bill the difference before I ship)
Add it to your cart, then when you are ready, go to "Check Out".

After you log in to your paypal, you will be taken to a page "Review Your Payment" You will see a highlighted option "Add special instructions to seller"
Click on it.

In the box put " TRF LETTERING SPECIAL" and tell me what you want

1 The exact lettering you would like.
2 The size of the lettering (height in inches from 0.5" to 5" tall)
3 Enter the font you would like it in (these can be found in my custom lettering section)
4 Orientation (horizontal or Vertical)
5 Color (from our color chart)

Check out like normal. when I get your order, I will send a preview of your custom lettering for your approval before I make it.

Sit back and wait for you free lettering to arrive!!!! simple as that.

I am heading out to a launch, I am leaving Wed night, and returning Sunday.
If you place an order while I am gone, please be patient, I will send your preview when I return. most likely monday morning sometime.

This offer ends. April 22 2009!

Lettering is free up to 1/2 the price spent on any rocket decal sets. Lettering prices available in custom lettering section of my website. please look before you check out. Custom lettering

Free lettering will be covered by our "Crash protection warranty" But replacements will be charged at 1/2 the lettering VALUE. (in other words not free) Crash protection warranty

Thanks for looking and remember

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Great response so far, Thanks guys (and ladies)
How about I extend this. I'll give the same deal if you order something custom!
just tell me what custom work you want, I'll make them plus you get free lettering for another rocket (or the same one or for your car boat plane train tank etc)