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Papa Elf
Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA
Saturday, April 10th, for the third time this year I went to St. John's School in Concord New Hampshire to witness and sign for their TARC launch. My first trip back in march was a no-go because the field was covered with thick fog, ceiling was like 15ft. April 3rd, I went again, and weather was better... everything was wet... and the air was so moist that the Blue Thunder motors emitted thick white smoke. That day, I launched my H-Force with a G80-4T to test the winds. Then the students put their bird on the rack, launched it. Failed. No staging, no deployment, lawn dart. Final results; eggs DOA, altimeter flat line...

Now back to the final launch... I brought my G-Force again, loaded to bear with a G64-4W motor. I also brought my new rocket built from Fliskits parts... I originally called it the DNASAUR, but I renamed it to Cristal.

Their TARC entry landed in a tree, but I heard what the altimeter was beeping. so I recordered that. The caretaker of the feild (which was on a farm owned by the school) looked up at the rocket in the tree, and said... "You know... I think these trees are getting crowded... one of these tress has to go..." Guess which tree went ;).

Afer the TARC launch was complete, I did a static fire of an Kosdon C-Slot Dirty Harry load for the 38/640 case. Beautiful motor... to bad it is not certified... I would love to fly it in a rocket :(

Pretty soon I will have some videos from St John School.

For now, here are some pictures:

The students with their entry... ready to go!

The Cristal launches with two A8-3's. The motor mount is twisted, the idea is to make the rocket spin.

My H-Force takes off with a G64-4W motor.

The boys remove the eggs from their rocket

Yep, the eggs are not broken or cracked, and I made sure they are not hard boiled either ;).