TARC 2018 Contest Rules

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Oct 26, 2009
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Trip Barber has announced the TARC 2018 Contest Rules. The attached pdf files show the rules. To me the TARC 2017 contest rules were about as simple as they could get. The coming year looks a little bit harder to me. I briefly looked at them. I saw 2 eggs and I think one parachute with both the payload and the main body attached. I noticed that a launch rod is allowed for qualifying flights, but the finals require a launch rail. This means the finalists will need to become familiar with rail buttons.

View attachment Event Rules for TARC 2018.pdf

View attachment Event Rules - TARC 2018.pdf
The other very tricky part of the competition is that the second flight at finals will be either one second longer or one second shorter than the 41-43 seconds for the initial qualifying flights and first round of finals and either 25 feet higher or lower than the 775 for the quals and first round, both of those conditions as determined by a coin toss the night before the finals fly-off. Teams will have to really dial in a lot of different options.