tale of my fat boy

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Jan 18, 2009
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my fat boy was a good little flier until thanksgiving day I hung it in a tree. But the next day it was damp and the elmers white glue did what it is supposed to and melted and I got her back minus the nose cone and chute. The more i looked at it the more I liked the idea of making a three cluster 18mm for it, that finished I bought another kit to get the nose cone which started the wheels in motion why not make a booster for it? well I cut the bt to 4in and assembled the wings and motor mount per the instructions made a card stock sleeve and then set up some gap stage stuff with a chimney and vent holes well today it went out to the cmass club and tried it out with a bit of bp and off it went on its c6-0 very slowly the gap stageing worked (alright!!!!!!) unfortunatly there was a slight delay and the fat boy laid over to land shark angle and took off on a nice sized orange flame only to find a place in the next hill after the high power pad body tube is destroyed, a broken fin and a piece missing from the inside of the nose cone but hey it worked and I 'm happy. now should I repair or start anew project????:kill:
Check out this link from EMRR from another fellow who put together an 2-stage FB:


After reading it, and from my own experience,

I'd ditch the whole shooting match, unless you can extract the motor mount from your current rocket with little trouble.

I'd go with a 24mm booster to 18mm sustainer 2 stage Fat Boy.

I'd also look up Stine's comments on gap staging to make sure it was vented properly.

yes I should have used a 24mm booster it would have worked perfectly the c6-0 wasn't big enough to lift it right. she went real well as a cluster rocket with two realy cool flights your'e all right it is resting on the table now taunting me to make it live again!!!!!:D
I imagine a C11-0 would have no problem lifting it off, at least for a relatively low flight.
oh jeese i was right? i just figured the bigger the engine the cooler it would look :p
well its time for the update, the fat boy is being revived but with some alterations first its total length with booster is that of a kit fat boy, the top half of the body tube recieved the cluster motor mount and the bottom 1/2 inch of the nose cone was removed (had a hole in it) so it now serves as the parachute storage area I did add about 1 oz of lead to the tip of the cone the fins are modified from the gemini dc that crashed last summer. it looks like the lunar module that landed on the moon (without booster)it all fits real snug with the booster in the bottom and the nose cone on top no extra room at all it currently needs to be painted and the shock cord attached to the body. I'm not sure if the shock cord will survive being glued to the top centering ring as there isn't any tube wall left after it is put together. any other ideas would be appreciated. the boster stage has been upgraded to a d12-0 for more power.