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Sold Taig Micro Lathe II with tailstock, pulleys, belts, bits, etc.

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May 7, 2017
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Murray, KY
EDIT: Price dropped to $320 plus actual shipping.

This is a used Taig Micro Lathe II, about sixteen years old. High precision (see specs and accessories.) Has been used to make nozzles and forward closures up to 54 mm, as well as other small precision items. Some light surface rust, does not affect operation. Hasn't been used for four or five years so the gibs on carriage and on cross slide will need adjustment (suggest a good cleaning first). Likewise the rack and pinion longitudinal travel as it's a bit sticky. An exploded view is shown here.

A complete new setup would run $400 not including bits and magnetic indicator. Asking $350 plus actual shipping (will be properly packed).
  • 15" bed, 4.5" swing x 9.75" between centers.
  • Cast iron bedways; aluminum bed is cement-filled for vibration resistance.
  • Permanently-lubricated ball bearing headstock, 3/4-16 nose thread.
  • Aluminum carriage, cross slide, and bit holder. (No compound slide, the b******s threw it out when they cleared out my lab at the university! 🤬 )
  • Pulleys give six speeds (with 1725 rpm motor) from 575-5150 rpm. (motor pulley is for 1/2" shaft) (max recommended speed is 7000 rpm)
  • Two belts (one is unused).
  • Lever action tailstock with dead center, nose threaded 3/8-24.
  • Four-jaw independent chuck. Ask any machinist, it's capable of much better precision than a 3-jaw chuck and will hold round or irregular work.
  • 1/4" Jacobs tailstock chuck and key.
  • Allen wrenches.
  • Three unused, unground 1/4" HSS bits.
  • Two brazed carbide bits (need sharpening).
  • Double-ended center drill.
  • Carriage stop.
  • Cheap magnetic indicator holder with 0.001" dial indicator.
  • Mounting board and motor are NOT included. Motor is old and probably contains some graphite dust; I don't know how long it would continue to work. And it's heavy, would be expensive to ship. You can probably pick up a used 1/8 - 1/3 HP 1725 rpm motor at the local flea market or scrap yard for ten bucks or so. I will include the switch, wire, and plug if you want it. (FWIW some washing-machine motors are two-speed, 1100 and 1725 rpm, would give access to lower speeds).
  • The base of the bed has been drilled and tapped 1/4-20 for mounting screws.
It's a great little benchtop unit, though I would advise against using it where the metal chips can be dragged into the living room...
If you want an estimate of shipping please include your zip code.

Camera battery was going down, hence the crappy pix. Let me know if you want others, I'll shoot 'em.
(Edit: I'll add a small bottle of way oil, specifically for lathe and milling machine ways.)

IMG_3733.jpg IMG_3741.jpgIMG_3735.jpgIMG_3736.jpg

IMG_3737.jpg IMG_3742.jpg
1669830996904.jpeg IMG_3753.jpgIMG_3745.jpg
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Addendum: If you want the 1/4 hp motor I'll include it for the additional cost of shipping. It may be just fine, though I'd suggest opening it up and cleaning it very well. The lathe weighs 21 lb; the motor is 32 lb, so 53 lb total. Shipping is from 42071 if you'd like to figure it.