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Mar 2, 2009
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Help! My epoxy fin fillets are still tacky after 48 hours! I thought I mixed thoroughly, and the rest of my rocket is fine... Is there anything I can do?
I have a goose neck lamp on my work bench. I direct the light within about a foot of whatever I'm trying to "cure".

Works especially well on Elmer's glue fillets.

I had the same problem and 2 weeks later after trying direct heat ect.. still tacky. I was told it would eventually dry.
I got impatient and mixed a small batch of thin epoxy with just a little extra hardener and put a thin layer over the fillet.
Worked like a charm.
Hmmm... I was thinking of applying a very thin layer of just hardener. Jim, when you sanded those fillets, did you sand deep enough to get down to the tacky epoxy? Thanks for all the replies!
Just on the ends to taper them. The rest of the fillet didn't need sanding.