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Apr 29, 2009
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Did anyone checkout the photos by Tom of T-Minus, his pad cam shots were incredible, check out this shot of my 50% Nike Smoke on a M1850 GG

He was useing sound activated cameras at the away cells.

Hmmmmmmm can't get photo to post:confused:

Any ideas why I can't get photo to post?
I talked to him for a while. He mostly does shuttle and military stuff, even some peacekeeper missiles. Very nice guy and awesome shots
I talked to him out at the away cells for a while. Apparently he is into model airplanes quite heavily, and headed out to see what the rockets were all about. Apparently he was impressed;)
Lets try this,

Ok 'till I figure out how to get photo imbedded, this will have to do,

Once again my 50% Nike smoke on a AMW M1850 GG


PS This photo does NO justice to the quality of photo he shoots, This is a reduced jpeg, but you will get the idea:D