T-Minus 10 days till Puppy comes!

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What is the largest rocket you would fly with motor ejection?

  • 38mm or smaller motors...

  • Small 54mm's in 3-4" simple birds

  • 54mm K in a 4-5.5" bird

  • Any motor with an ejection charge... in any size rocket

  • Never...

  • 38mm or smaller motors...

  • Small 54mm's in 3-4" simple birds

  • 54mm K in a 4-5.5" bird

  • Any motor with an ejection charge... in any size rocket

  • Never...

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May 10, 2011
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Well, 10 days left before two major events happen.... My first puppy, and my 13th birthday. I do wish I could have broken mach one before my 13th birthday, but hey.

10 more days.... wow. Time to start puppy proofing! Ill post some pics of her. her names "shannon", BTW. It will make for some vulgar mistakes with the "sit" command... (say "shannon, sit" 10 times fast, and you will know what I am talkin about.....). Just imagine what she will be thinking.... "Here? Why, this isnt my "spot"? You always tell me NOT to do that here.... What does this mean?".

OK. Back to cute. Take a look at these:
Next pic. I just posted the poll so I could get a decent estimate of how many dog owners were among us....
The mother, Cinnamon, was taking some of her pups outside and showing them how to play keep away with one of the breeders gloves.... Cute, if your not the owner of that glove!
It was so funny how she had to taste every one of our fingers. And shoelaces, every puppy there (all 12 of them...) chewed on my shoelaces.
And the last one... They have a wall of firewood to keep them in the yard...
How many threads are there about puppies now? 4? at least 3
I believe this is the second... Possibly the third, but the first one or two are 5 pages back in the archives.... And this is nothing compared to my dads office.... He has gone so far as to thumb-tack full-size pictures of it in the lunchroom, entryroom, and possibly others I dont know about. My mom isnt quite as exited, but we still have lots of pictures on bullited boards and the fridge.... so really this aint that bad.... Plus, if it really annoys you, you dont have to read it;) :rolleyes:

Though I dont see how you couldent like a Golden puppy....:D My parents REALLY should not have gotten that digital camera... Now I can take WAY more pictures than is really healthy, and just load em onto the computer, which leads to a chain reaction which finishes in a new thread every other time I go see the puppy. Plus I couldent even FIND my old thread, because I just deleted the Email link, so it just seemed easier.... if there arnt 5 dozen new threads between this thread and the newest one, I will post much mucho pics of puppy. Though I WILL try to use this one, not a new one... I couldent find it, honest!
I'm a proud owner of a 15 year old golden. They're great, have fun.:)
Too many dog owners in my neighbourhood take their dogs for "walks" to use the local schoolground as a toilet, so I have an admittedly unfair bias against dogs, even though the real fault lies with the few dog owners who can't be bothered to scoop. Thank you in advance for keeping your neighbourhood clean. :D

The family has a cat, and I have a pair of turtles. Turtles wouldn't have been my first choice for a pet... turtles make terrible housepets, especially so far from their natural turf, it's too cold here to build them an outdoor pond so they need a phonebooth-sized aquarium with a half ton of heated water (no, really... 135 gal ~ 540L = 540 kg = 0.54 tons) that makes the room soooo humid and needs to be cleaned weekly... but they needed a home, and I love 'em. Some day I'll fix my digicam and post pix.

At least turtles are long lived. If they stay healthy, mine should live until a bit past 2030!
I have a 12 year old Golden Retriever named Max. He's starting to feel his age a little, but he's been a great family dog. It's a great breed for a family and kids.
Well, I dont have a neighborhood to MAKE messy, plus my mom got this spring-loaded pooper-scooper that should make it easy.

My best friend had a turtle a few years ago.... it ran away (I know that sounds strange, being a turtle and all...) while they had it outside for some exersize. Never saw it again. 2030.... wow. Turtles sound like VERY high maitenence pets.... Glad I just have a hamster, tough she is looking VERY old, just like her mother (owned by my best friend, the one with the turtle) did when she was in her last week. Poor thing. shes 2-21/2 years old now, thats just about the lifespan of a hamster....

I have two cats, Eclipse (mine) and Merlin (my sisters, but the rest of the family adopted it). Eclipse is FAT. 15 pounds and counting... Merlin is semi-fat, not as fat as his sister, though. He weighs about 14 pounds, but he is BIG. no other word describes it. Just BIG.

12 years.... Thats as old as I am... They do have quite a lifespan... I remember hearing 12-14 years if your lucky, but I may be mistaken.

I might go see the pups again today, stand by for more pics!
Cute Puppy Neil. I love Dogs. And Cats :). I want a a Golden Tabby Cat :), not sure what kind a dog I want. I can't have one now because my folks are allergic to them.

We used to have Rabbits. First one died of old age, the second one had a stroke, and was dying, so was shot, third one ran away.
Oh joy. I get to re-wire my workshop power supply, put EVERYTHING I cant close with a lid in my workshop (where Shannon wont be allowed....), and take EVERYTHING from below the stairs and put it into the workshop. Then on to the rest of the house. Hanging all the plants fatal to dogs, Phillidundron ETC (if you know of any others, let me know....) , pretty soon I will install some baby-gates and bring up the doggie crate, I also have to take out all my moms family chairs ETC out of the dining room, where the dog will spend most of her time. What fun.... At least my rocket stuff will be orgainized! I designated a plastic box as the "AP box", so now I have all my reload cases, reloads and AP motors in there, and my range box only holds BP motors, BP in film canisters, what ignitors we have left, snap rings for motor retainers ETC. Also some bungees to keep the closets shut in the family room....

Right now I have a fat extention cord going from an outlet all the way across the downstairs and into one of those 6-12 outlet boards. If puppy thinks THATS a chew toy... I shudder to think.... So now I have a dilemma. The outlets are ALL within reach of the puppy, about 2' off the floor. How do I get it out of reach!? Well, at least my mom said she would ask the builder to add some outlets to the workshop when he is working on the inlaw apartment (my grandmother is coming to live with us this august, so we are building her an inlaw apartment. Fun! And this will give our cousins another reason to come out here... the the older 5 cousins all like rockets, the other two are too small to understand... well have to have an outing sometime...). But thats not till spring, puppy is coming in NINE DAYS! I guess if need be I can go without a Dremmel tool, palm sander ETC, but those are handy tools.... I need them for nosecones ETC. Well, that is, if the stupid basement warms up enough for the stupid epoxy to run, that is.... So far I have 3/4 of my motors (So far I have found an E9, 2 B6-4s and an F25-6W that I had forgotten about.... Score!) in puppy-proof boxes, and my 3 sheets of 2X8 foam are safely in the workshop... Any my LOC Legacy... that too... Jeez... I am glad I started this today and not a day before she comes.... Off to rewire the workshop, or at least try to! Wish me luck!
6 weeks old.... WOW! Theyr gettin big! I just got back from seeing my pup again, so heres some pics.
I brought these cattail fronds that I cut up with an axe, and they LOVED it. Made a big fat mess, too!
And then back to bed.... Speaking of which, I sat down in a corner and within 5 minutes I had 4 pups sleeping in my lap.
And all the puppy toys... They had this pig ear for teh puppys, but the mother was always trying to get it. :rolleyes: Its for the pups, cinnamon....
All those sleepy pups.... all 20 of them... They had both litters in the same room.
And another one.... Some of the bigger puppies from the second litter are getting bigger than the smaller ones from the first litter... Talk about confusing!
They have this dog door made from cloth. Not very heat-efficient, but hey. It lets the dogs go pee outside. I suppose that is better, dont you?
After they finish making a mess of the cattails, they all go to bed... The end!
Hey Neil
Great looking pup, but dont let her retrieve your rockets.
Soggy rockets dont fly well.

I wont leat her retrieve my non-glassed rockets, but the glassed ones should be retriever-retrievable!:D If I could train her to go out and sniff for burnt AP, and bark her head off when she found the rocket in the woods, THAT would be something....
Just make sure you have her on a leash until the rocket is down and safe... otherwise she's liable to go chasing after a rocket that misfired and hadn't blown its ejection charge yet...
Yeah, it isnt safe to have her off leash at a rocket launch... Too many engines, rockets and small children running around. Gotta run! dinners ready...
My dads going to be out of town, so we might try to re-schedule for TOMMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He wont be there tommorow either, but if he isnt going to be able to come anyway, why wait? One more day...... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! 6 weeks, 6 days old. tommorow she will br 7 weeks, and ready to pick up! I am so exited.... Ill post mucho pics thursday afternoon. Ill be too tired to do anything untill then, I will be staying up with a puppy crying for her mother and siblings.... No sleep at all.... But itll be worth it! Maybe she will fall astleep for a little while and I can take her picture and post it before she wakes up again. Wimper wimper wimper (thats me, not the dog...)........ Another day! Augh! I guess I still have a lot of puppy-proofing to do in my room, but she wont be in there untill she is housebroken. I have a rug.... She will be in the dining room, that has a wood floor, and has a door so we can rush her outside when she has to go. I cant wait.... Though I suppose I will think otherwise at 4 oclock in the morning the day after tommorow when I havent slept for 36 hours!
Well, we got her, I know I posted a ton of details and pics on my B-day thread, so I wont go into another big rant. I am staying up on "puppy duty" as I have all but one night since we got her. Last night I was just so durn pooped from staying up twice in a row that my mom just said "the heck with it, ill keep my door open, I am a light sleeper, Ill get up if I hear her crying.". Of course she didnt hear anything, and she came downstairs to 2 or 3 puddles, but I got a good nights sleep, anyway.

Night one: 4 hours of sleep, foolishly left food/water out all night

Night two: 6 hours of sleep, put food/water away during night. A little better

Night three: my mom was on duty, and she went through a lot of paper towels the next morning, I can tell you!

Tonight.... just let her out for what I hope is the last time till tommorow at about 4 oclock. Her food/waters put away, and I am setting up camp (inflatable air matress&sleeping bag) near my pup so I can hear her during the night. I hope I wont need too, I am T-I-R-E-D.

ujyh7 (/rests head on keyboard, keyboard makes funny beep. Whoops)