*switching* delays with AT reloads

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Jan 26, 2009
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I know its not suggested to modify delays of reloads, but what about switching them? I have a g64-10w that i dont have the guts to fly in anything (fearing losing a casing) and (i think) an f52-8t... could i switch the delays and maybe fly the g64 with the 8 in my arcas (one more second than the suggested one) and then use the f52 with a 10 in something else?

Lotsa different propellant chemistry is involved with the delays, so a -8 on a BT will NOT be a -8 on a WL motor. It'll likely be between 10-15 seconds. Not good at all.

The Arcas should be OK with the -10 on the G64, but just ask someone at the launch if they can trim it down for you. I saw (name omitted) do it at ROCStock, and I believe it worked fine.

NO WAY!!!! sometimes its ok as long as the propellents are the same, like W with W and T with T, but different propellents burn at different speeds and it would end up affecting the actual delay length. if you were switching it from the W motor to ANOTHER W motor, then it would be ok.
You need to check the Aerotech site or line sheets to see which of the delay kits are cross compatible with the motors you are using. As jetra said, the motors you are using probably are not switchable. If you ever do find some that you can switch, make sure you swith the spacer as well as the delay element.
Actually if you put a BT delay in a WL load, the delay will be shorter than the BT delay. Notice how the delays for the BT loads are shorter than the WL loads? There are many reasons for that... one is BT loads burn a lot faster, so you need less delay material.