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Oct 21, 2014
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This question is aimed mostly toward 13-18 year old rocketeers. What do you do to support your rocketry habit? I worked at a hobby store for two years on the weekends so I could make money for motors and rockets. Now that I am in college and am getting a little old for "PLEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZ MOMMY!" I have a bottle of change on my dresser. Every quarter puts my that much closer to buying that K660. :D Next year, I am going to get job tutoring elementary school students in reading which should help quite a bit. I am hoping I'll be able to make it to a NEFAR launch next semester so watch out for me!
Allowance and birthday/christmas money. This year's christmas money is probably going to something else though. I hope to get a job when I turn 14.
dont do anything.

im serious... if your gonna go to the movies with some really good looking girl, think "rocket" and amazingly shes not that attractive and you have 10 more bucks in your pocket.

if you go out and are thirsty, ask if you REALLY are thirsty

i actually cant figure out how but sometimes ill have 3 bucks, sometimes ill have 200 sitting in this box in my room (of course the 200 sits there for about 5 minutes, or as fast as i can order things)

i also mow my nieghbors lawns and stuff and sell myself into child labor sometimes...

ive been trying to find a job somewhere but noone hires kids around here... i do make alittle money building computers for my friends and their friends but thats 20 bucks every 3 months...
I did a paper round for two and half years, last month I got job in a shop so I can earn more money. Helps pay for LPR, going out, music etc.
Originally posted by rabidsheeep
dont do anything.

Pretty much the same. I earn the odd £100 but that's it. Parents fund the rest. Along with Nitro RC :rolleyes:

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