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May 25, 2004
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Morning all. Does anyone know of a good place in the Miami area to get rocket supplies. Ive been to michaels, wal mart and a few little hobby stores but none have a very large selection. I was surpirsed with what wal mart did carry and I got a few little rockets for the kids. What I am looking for is motors. No one seems to cary a good range of them.

Dan, You might try Hobby Superstore in Plantation (University Dr.). I travel all over Florida and they have the best selection of Estes motors and kits. I haven't found anything further South as all the shops seem to only specialize in RC cars.

As as for mid to high power I strongly recommend supporting your vendor at local launches (and avoiding shipping charges). Dennis at New Horizons Hobbies has a huge selection, is extremely helpful and attends all West Palm Beach Tripoli launches.

As a matter of fact we have a launch this Saturday 29th. Please drive up and join us! Lots of low to high power flights on a 600 acre sod farm, beautiful!

Feel free to contact me for further details or look at our web site (follow links from Tripoli site). - Peter