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Mar 1, 2009
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ok guys, lets hear em...superbowl picks.....playoffs have just about begun, we know who the favorites are and we know who the underdogs, pick away...

for the AFC, i have to pick the patriots, because they're my home town team, and because i think they've got a substantial chance to beat anyone in the AFC playoffs right now, especially since roethlesburger went down for the steelers.
for the NFC, im going with the atlanta falcons. the Eagles will make it to the championship game and choke again, with the absense of terrell Owens, they're going nowhere. Atlanta has a really good base of attack, the only thing they lack is defense. but its still playoff caliber. crumpler is a top 5 TE, vick is a rabbit, and warrick dunn is a 1000yd rusher...

so those are my picks, lets hear yours!!!
Steelers will beat the Pats. Big Ben has a relatively minor injury and has what amounts to three weeks between games to heal. Never fear, he'll play.
I don't like anyone in the NFC. Without T.O., Philly is the same team that folds every year in the playoffs. Playoff teams usually figure out that Vick can't throw the ball and when they treat him like another running back, they do fine against him. Green Bay has the highest scoring offense in the league at 26.5 ppg, but no defense at all. The NFC is anyone's guess.

I like the Steelers in the AFC, but the Pats could take it and if the Peyton Manning Show gets going, the Colts can beat anyone.

I'll pick the Steelers over the Eagles. I know the Eagles always choke on the NFC title game, but nobody else on the NFC side is worthy of the big game.
pats vs. steelers earlier in the year was a fluke. the only thing that stinks is, no matter what, if the colts win, the pats have to play them. so pitt really has easy competition. san diego can rough some stuff up, but the jets stand no chance, nor do the broncos. i think with the absense of Ty Law and Tyrone Poole in the CB position for the pats, it'll be close between them and the steelers...but if the pats were 100%, we blow them away. we've been banged up all season. plus, rookie ben has never been in a playoff environment...the pats have.

Vick is not a great passer, that is correct. but he's got one of the strongest arms in the league. he can launch a ball (granted, with very little accuracy) down field 50 yards no problem. but he doesnt really NEED that accuracy, because he's got a really effective short game with crumpler AND dunn out of the backfield, not to mention the long ball with p. price. their D wouldnt stack up against GB, but any other team, i think they'd beat.

also remember the steelers division...pathetic. they've played the redskins, giants, dallas, AND miami...their division rivals offer no competition, besides baltimore, which has a great defense. much like the pats. i think rookie ben would be quite confused with all the commotion on the NE defensive side of the ball....just my opinion. i think it would be close, assuming both make it to the championship game...but i still go with the pats...they find ways to pull out the big ones.
The Red Sox...

...hey, it was said they could never win the Series. I don't put *nothin* past'em now!

(so sorry, couldn't resist) :)
I said it at the start of the season, and I'm going to stick with it.

The Colts will win the Super Bowl this year. :)

Originally posted by r1dermon
ok guys, lets hear em...superbowl picks


Because they had Captain Keds and his jet pack fly out of a big paper mache football and fly around the field. And then they won.

That was the first one. It's my favorite.
The winner of the Super Bowl will be whatever team survives (and there are at least 3 teams that are very, very dangerous this year) in the AFC. The NFC is mediocre at best. Just as the NFC ruled the roost for most of the 80s & 90s, the pendulum has swung the other way and now the AFC is just getting started with a long string of domination over the NFC. The Super Bowl has once again become the "anti-climax" game because the real Super Bowl will be the playoffs, namely the AFC Championship game. Get used to it.
Do not count out the Rams. When you think they're good they lay an egg, when you think they suck, they play like champions. And do not count out Brett Favre and the Packers. I think Green Bay and Atlanta in the NFC Championship. I'll give the edge to Atlanta, but should be close.

In the AFC, well I don't remember them being this strong. I would have taken San Diego as my dark horse, but they lost a heartbreaker last night. I think you could flip a coin between Indy, New England, and Pittsburgh. I can't stand New England, only because they're in the same division as my Dolphins, but dang they are a good team. If I had to choose, I'd say New England 'cause they're the champs until they get beat, but Indy and Atlanta would be a very entertaining Superbowl and the first time ever that 2 "domed" teams met in the SB.

So I guess I'm saying Indy over Atlanta, but maybe New England as well.
well, i think the two dominant teams in the AFC are indy and atlanta...the only reason i leave pittsburg out is because of strength of schedule....i mean, yeah, the pats lost to pittsburg, but the pats also lost to the phins...the worst team in football(next to the 49ers). sometimes the pats just have a bad day, its not a reflection of how they play in the playoffs. 2 rings in 3 years is. pittsburg will undoubtledly make the championship game though. the jets arent much, even though they held pitt over for a while when they played can only hope. but im worried about indy. both ty law and tyrone poole are out for the pats. we've got a WR playing should be interesting. at least its @ new england...which is a good thing for us. hopefully the jets beat pittsburg(highly unlikely) so that if the pats win, the championship game would be here at home again. that'd be sweet. but whatever, beggers can't be choosers.

as far as the NFC pick remains atlanta. they have too many weapons compared to the other NFC teams who dont have many...

also, everyone last year said the superbowl was going to be a wash by the pats...a total blow, it turned into one of the most exciting superbowls of all time...any team in the NFL can beat any other team on any given day...(just look at the phins beating the pats late in the season). dont count anyone out until they've lost.
Well if I turn out to be wrong about the Colts, I won't feel so bad, since those of you that picked the Packers were wrong first. ;)

Go Colts. 1 down, 3 to go.

AFC will win the prize, be it pats, colts or steelers. I'll still stake a whole paycheck that it won't be against atlanta. I just don't see the weaponry there. Price was a bust without an Eric Moulds on the other side to draw coverage and Dunn got 3/4 of his yards in the first 6 games of the season. A top 5 tight end doesn't make a real dent in an offense. There are 2 tight ends worth talking about as serious gamebreaking weapons in the league. Crumpler ain't one of 'em. I still see a team realizing that Vick won't beat them throwing and shutting him down completely, and I see it happening before the Super Bowl. A 50 yard arm without accuracy will garner as many interceptions as it will touchdowns, and even more so in the playoffs.

Steelers 28, Eagles 17. Before you talk about Big Ben's lack of playoff experience, remember what Brady had going for him for experience on his first run....

(P.S. Grew up in Maine and I love the Pats...loved 'em when Grogan was the QB and they went 1-15, but all good things come to an end)
differences..... tom brady wasnt a rookie when they went to the superbowl, he had 1 year experience with the patriots the prior year after being drafted out of michigan. and not everyone gets to the playoffs and plays like a champion. im not saying roethlisburger wont, but, the question still remains, will he start next week in the divisionals? the jets play them pretty tight, but i still give the steelers a huge favorite. but stranger underdogs have taken the glory away from a top contender. 01 pats beating the rams...i dont have much confidence in the patriots defensive backfield, but they've always been able to pull it out. there's no reason why i dont think they should be able to any more...honestly, i think if we beat the colts, we wont lose. because i believe they present the biggest challenge to us, considering out CB situation and their unbelievable ability to pass the ball.
How can you dismiss Pittsburgh on strength of schedule? They played Baltimore twice, the Jets twice, Philly, New England, Jacksonville, and Buffalo. They lost only one of those games. Nope the Steelers are the real deal. They may not win it all but they are not a fluke and will be tough to beat at home.

Statistically the Falcons defense is better than its offense. They don't have a go to reciever right now, they don't have a stud in the backfield to pound the ball, all they have is Vick. Yeah Crumpler is a great tight end but tight ends don't scare defenses.

The Rams won't make it because Martz is an idiot. He is a brilliant offensive mind but can not run a team. His teams are consitently last in special teams, can't manage the clock, and turn the ball over, and take stupid penalties. Those are all coaching problems not player problems. Yeah they can still score a lot of points but the defense can't stop the run and doesn't tackle well.

Gotta be Philly, the defense is better than it has been and somehow McNabb figured out throw the ball accurately. AFC I'm saying the Colts just cause they are so much fun to watch and their Oline is so good. Guess they could get smacked next week in New England but only if Belichek can get heat on Manning and its snowing. Otherwise it will be a replay of Sunday cause the pats secondary isn't that good.
the pats starting secondary is the best in the NFL....the injuries are what might keep them out of the big dance...

you're telling me that pittsburg had a really tough schedule, and thats why they shouldnt be dismissed...well, the other teams in the playoffs all have respectable divisions. the pats had to beat the jets twice, buffalo twice.....etc. and boy, what a game it was against your divisions cincinatti bengals. you got to beat up on them twice, and cleveland. thats 4 easy wins right there.

warrick dunn is a stud running back. he's capable of 1,000+ yards. crumpler is a stud TE, which DOES scare defenses. because he's a short threat over the middle. not only that, but they've got another deep option with price. that is a really high powered offense with a lot of weaponry. if vick had mannings accuracy, he'd be one of the best QB's ever to live. only marino had a faster release than Vick. he can BOMB a ball.
ALLLRIGHTY THEN. well, i've got to say, BOOYA to vanderjerk. i dont think we were quite ripe enough for the picking. i'll give it to him though, he outscored the rest of his team. MUHAHAHAHA. big ben better step it up, the jets should have won that game, pittsburg would've been the laughing stock. but unfortunate for the jets, their kicker is an amateur. oh well. if pittsburg doesnt step it up, the pats are going to roll over them. and neither the eagles OR the falcons can beat either the pats OR the stealers. my prediction is the pats vs. the falcons in the superbowl, pats 23 falcons 14. vick gets 1 rushing TD and the other comes from a crumpler reception.
yeah, so much for my prediction.
Who'd thought the Colts offense would be shut down so effectively. :rolleyes: I couldn't believe it.
And the Steelers should really be counting their blessings. I doubt they'll get that lucky against the Patriots.

I'm just dreadding that it'll go into overtime, and pre-empt all other shows: "We now return you to [show] already in progress"

Hated it when I was a kid, and I hate it still.

Not a sports fan in teh least.

Sorry guys..