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Dec 30, 2003
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this is the superbird
my newest add. to my fleet.
( got 3 new rockets on the way
that will make about 20 or so.
time for some tree hanging,
need more room! )
the decals were no good.
so i'm going to make my own.
Hey Corpse
Nice job Question did the pad come with the kit I assume this is a Custom Rockets Kit.
The Superbird is a Quest kit, and a pretty good one at that. I just built one a month or three ago, but haven't flown it yet. I assume the pad you are asking about is the display stand? They come with all of the new Quest Quick Kits. Very handy little stands.
Yea your right I had a bad case of CRS sorry. when I wrote the reply to Corpse . plastic display stand correct?

John BAR
Yes, plastic. I've seen two versions of it, a transparent red, and a solid black. They are handy little stands too. To adapt them for 24mm mounts, just clean out the insides of a spent D motor, and fit it on.
Corpse...nice design man...looks great! Kinda reminds me of a three fin IQSY Tomahawk...

Corpse, let me know if you want me to scan the decals for you. I have an unbuilt Superbird.

I built the one my daughter bought me one for xmas. it flies great on a C6-5!!
sorry it took a couple days. here's a scan of the sticky decals. enjoy!


oh yeah, it was scanned at 150dpi. print the image so it's 4.75" wide * 4.50" high and it will fit the rocket.