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Apr 22, 2009
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Holy crap! I saw this yesterday at SuperWallyWorld for $27. I bet it's the direct competition to Estes "The Dude" except it's water powered. Pretty sweet - check it out <a href="">HERE</a>. I think this product will be a HUGE hit here in the hot Florida summers. I was 1/2 tempted to buy one. Pretty cool for water power. I just hope kids interests in rockets is "sparked" by this water version. Maybe they'll be tempted to fly one that goes higher. ie - Estes BP powered.
hmmm...inflate to keep its shape, a light layer of glass...

Where did you get that quote from? I didn't know there were restrictions on them....hmmm.

I will look into that - mine routinely hold 1.5 litres in the 1st stage and .5 litres in the second.

My three stager will hold 3.5 litres first stage, 1.5 litres second stage and .5 litres third stage...hmmmmm time to go to the library.

That is what I'm wondering - what is the source for the 8.45 oz restriction? Is this late April Fools?

ok I found it:
from NFPA 1122 Code for Model Rocketry

1.1.6 This code shall not apply to model or toy rockets propelled by pressurized-liquid rocket motors containing less than 250 ml (8.45 fl oz) of water.

3.3* Model Rocket Motor. A solid propellant or pressurized-liquid
rocket motor that conforms to the standards for model rocket motors as set forth in this code.

which means if you built a water rocket that contains more than 8.45 fl oz of water, the water rocket is regulated as a model rocket would be......

which is no big deal....

unless the model rocket weighs with its water load > 16 oz , then it would be considered a large model rocket which means you must notify the FAA ..if the model water rocket weighs more than 3.3 lbs with its water load then it would be considered a HPR and you would need to get a FAA waiver before launch....

wow thats almost crazy.....

I really do think that this was supposed to be taken out of NFPA 1122 and was overlooked....... as a model rocket has a precise legal meansing that means it a pyrotechnic device....obviouslt a water rocket is not a pyrotechnic device...
I just saw that at Target today... I thought cool... now if only this place would get real model rocket stuff ;)