Super Neon XL motor list?

Kirk G

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Jan 9, 2012
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I bought the Super Neon XL when on close-out special a year or so ago, and was very pleased with it. I have flown it a couple of times, and another club member is building one for this Saturday's final club launch of the year. He has just caught me off guard with an inquiry of what motors I recommend for it.:confused: I'm not sure why he doesn't look at his package or in the instructions, but I guess he's looking for the voice of experience here.

Well, DUH, I stick with what Estes prints on the package or in the instructions. As I recall, I just launched several Low to mid-power rockets last month, and used D12-3, D12-5 motor with great success. But I don't recall which was used for the Super Neon XL.

A quick search on the Estes Rockets website does not turn up a listing for the rocket.
Do you happen to know off your head, or do you have a quick look-up for what motors are recommended for it? I am at work, and all my support materials are 40 miles away at home, which I won't see until after 1 a.m. tonight.

Can you help?

-Kirk G.

PS: I liked the plum purple and neon green color scheme and so duplicated it exactly on my bird. The red plastic chute is an eye-catcher too!
My daughter was pissed that I didn't take her recommendation to experiment and do orange and yellow with red flames, etc....:facepalm:
Maybe next time...
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Rex R

Apr 21, 2010
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D12-3 (it is a draggy bird) will put it up around 500' (great for demos), E18-4/E20-4 works nicely too. not much point in going for higher impulse motors as it also drifts a LOT, but if one insists...F24-5. methinks that an E9-4 should work too. HTH


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Jun 25, 2014
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Sactown, CA
Amazing motor for this one is the F44-8W Economax. It leaps off the pad, the delay is about a second long, but I've never had any issues with it and I've launched mine 3 times with that motor. For small parks, D12-3.