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Jan 17, 2009
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Toronto, ON Canada
Finally was able to get logged on.

Personally, I, Angelo Castellano, got into rocketry after my son watched a movie! Never left it. As of now, a part time venture ( renovation pays the bills ), but an interesting and fun one! On the side, I am into photography ( 35 mm with medium next), challenges, and rockets. I like taking apart and rebuilding things.

An introduction for those who are not fimiliar with Sunward.
I am the new owner and took over from Peter Vanderwal , Karen Vanderwal, and Elmer Grove on October 1, 2004. The company was making a line a Jet Fighter type rockets. They got busy and couldn't keep up.

All kits are back in production and shipping. 5 kits: Desertfox, Icestorm, Maverick, Liberator, and Phoenix now ship so the builder can build to use B/C or to use D engines. ( No increase in price. )

All kits, as of now, use a clear parachute with red printing. Laser Cut Balsa ( which I specific on the hard side ), nylon shock cord, white body tubes, and silkscreened mylar decals. Some of the decals have 3 colours and even white in them. Flags are great as a result - white background on the flags and not seethru.

A new kit, the CFX-Six Footer! is now available. Same features as above. The decal is 18inches long. The rocket itself is over 6 ft long and flys on a D12-5.

Also available is the exclusive Series Reprints # 1. A collection of previously printed magazines on the rocketry field. ( more details on the web )

New logo too.

More great things coming down the pipeline: from sponsoring NARCON 2005, other ( secret ) contests, new kits, new products, etc. 2005 will be an interesting year.

Although in Canada, a lot of rocketeers are in the US, and happy to serve them.

I generally don't sell direct. If you are interested in buying one, please check out the links of some very good sellers ( read very good people ) on my web site, or have your retailer contact me for an order ( no minimums ).

Want everyone to come along for the ride.
Welcome to the forum Angelo!

Nice to have you here, and I am really looking forward to the new stuff you've got planned. Can't wait!

John (not Jon) Arthur