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Jan 17, 2009
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Toronto, ON Canada
At Sunward we have been busy with other ventures and have not had the time to properly manage the rocket kit and rocketry parts side of the company.

We are offering for sale this part of the business at this time. The Sunward name, websites, and some parts line are not included in the sale. For further details, inventory list, and what is and is not included, please contact me.

Serious enquiries only, please.
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I have been busy with corporate taxes but now have more time.

I have responded to all enquiries. If I have not, then please resend your request or call direct.
Oh, yes we are keeping the CTI line and Sunward Hobbies in addition to some parts of the rocketry line.
That's great news Angelo, I was concerned you might be getting out of the Cesaroni product line as well:sad:

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