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Jan 21, 2009
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After a test flight in the primer state, I have finished the build
lots of filler and sanding
sorry I don't know how to post more than 1 pic per thread
I'll keep it short
heres the underside showing the intakes, I also upgraded to a 3/16 lug
I tried to make sort of a cockpit out of the "wart-like" canopy
I think it came out decient , I used a silver sharpie for highlight
I upgraded the motor mount to a 24mm with "E" engine hook
and added 1.5oz. noseweight ...
just what the doctor ordered ,it flys like a dream to about 700' on an E9-6...once it levels off it sorta glides till the chute pops
heres a perspective pic, it's a sizeable rocket,larger than what I expected from the pics I have seen

No, I haven't been drinking, the wife caught me in mid-
Another great looking bird Stymye. Some nice stuff coming out of your workshop.
I am in AWE of your craftsmanship.
If my projects came out half as nice as yours I would be happy.
Great job. Neat looking rocket. Yes, it does look large.
Really good job.
Originally posted by stymye
heres a perspective pic, it's a sizeable rocket,larger than what I expected from the pics I have seen

No, I haven't been drinking, the wife caught me in mid-

I wouldn't have held it against you if you would have been.... hehehe

Great looking rocket! I have one in the bag. I really like your paint scheme. Much more creative than anything I had in mind as of yet....
That is a cool looking rocket. Nice job too!

What size is the main body tube?

thanks for all the thumbs up !
Forecheck it's a great rocket to try different ideas or finishes on,and by all means go with the 24mm upgrade, it's born for the E9 !

Sandman ,all the Sunward kits (airplanes) that use that cone are
You did a heck of a job on your Sunward Maverick. You inspired me to pull one from my store and build it. I read some reviews on the Sunward kits and some of them have had some wild flights. Do you think the 24mm upgrade helps it to fly more stable?

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I haven't tried or witnessed the 18mm version to compare it with , but I have seen a Sunward Icestorm fly with the 24mm mod and it also flys very well.
I can see where a person could go a little heavy with filler in an attempt to blend in all the tabs on the paper wraps, (like I did)
so the extra weight may be the reason for the wild flights on 18mm version.
Great job Stymye!! I don't see any fillet lines, it looks as though the tail fin and wing are one piece. How'd you do that?

I haven't purchased any Sunward kits, but the more I see others I think I'll have to try one.
Hey Stymye, I also noticed you're gonna build an upscale Yellow Jacket. That was one of my future projects as well. How big of an upscale and how's it going? I cloned the original, but I need to finish it(paint, decals, etc.)
the fin tabs/ wraps give the nice curve to the different areas
I used just enough filler to hide the edges of the cardstock.

the yellow jacket upscale is bt-60, I plan to shoot the primer on today