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May 2, 2009
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i got to the field and there was just a slight breeze, kind of an overcast day, a bit cold...

I was just done setting up when RocketBBoy pulled into the parking lot with his friend and friend's kid in tow.

I flew the Mach 10 first, on an A8-3, the nosecone's streamer didn't deploy properly, but the rocket glided in for a nice landing. then the Wizard on a B4-4, streamer fouled on that one, too. one fin broke off. no big deal. i think the Honest John was next on a G64W! that sure made a lot of noise! nice flame and decent length burn :) the 10-second delay was a bit long for the rocket, it was headed earthward and moving fast when it finally deployed the laundry...right after i called "heads UP!!!" figures... there was no damage to the airframe. i flew the Testbed, with Pico altimeter on board, on an E9-8 to a reported altitude of 1241'. a second flight yielded 1149', and i spend about an hour trying to get an E11-J to light...copperhead problem, i guess, because i lit a bunch more rockets after that. i put up my big bertha clone on a C6-5 for a perfect flight... we could see the flame, looking straight overhead, all the way to ejection! it was cool! Next i sent the HoJo up on a G80-7T, which just ripped the rocket off the pad, and stuffed it up into the air handily! the deployment was right at apogee, but on its small chute, came down a bit too fast for the poor bird this time, and a fin cracked. I think i launched the Mach 10 again somewhere in there... used a C6-5 and, like last time (i haven't added any weight to the nosecone yet), it looped once, then went into a glide, the nosecone deployed on streamer properly, and the rocket glided beautifully in wide circles (to the delight of all!) all the way to a perfect landing. it was starting to get pretty late, so i hot-footed it and sent up my bt-50 - based big bertha downscale on a c6-5. it went very high, but came down close enough. i also launched the Quest Harpoon on D12-0 -> C6-5 it went up like it was on rails! the D motor burned for a good long time before the C took over and carried the rocket toward the clouds. as usual, another perfect flight for this one, though it came down across the road.

another thing we did was to have a drag race, i flew against the kid since he beat his dad 2 out of 3 points. we flew unfinished alphas. mine was first off the pad, went lowest, and had the longest hangtime by a good margin since his chute fouled. i built it very light (.93 oz), and folded the chute carefully so that it would open instantly upon deployment. it worked. i also put a couple of the fins on slightly askew so as to use some of the energy up that would otherwise be used to gain altitude...

drag racing.. Fun stuff!

i think that was all my launches...i'm pretty sure i got the order botched... :D
I burned a lot of motors today and i didn't burn any clusters...
gonna have to fix that!

today would have been perfect for testing the Fat Boy^2
oh well... next time!

thanks to the guys for coming out and launching rockets today! it was a fun-filled day, no rockets were lost, and nothing got permanently damaged...

here's a pic of my HoJo on the pad, then on a G80T
three flights on her so far! just needs a bigger chute, or one for each section and recover it in two pieces.