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Jun 27, 2004
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OK, I finally got time to finish my Sumo that I got a couple months ago. I test flew it on a G64, which was pretty cool, except the controller shorted so it went off unexpectedly:( :rolleyes: ...Anyway, what I saw was pretty impressive. Now for the painting. I don't think I want the original paint scheme. I think I want something American-ish! Now, I need ideas from you all on the exact american paint scheme. Pictures would be nice! Thanks.
How about this?

Blue nose cone, apply white cut vinyl ( or monokote stars.

Mask off 13 equally spaced red and white stripes for the length of the body.

Paint the fins that Krylon ultra shiny gold metallic paint and cover with Future.

Find someone to make you a red-white-blue 24" ripstop parachute.

Do not, please, make the parachute out of a flag, or add a flag to the shock cord. Either may look cool, however both are disrespectful as the flag should not touch the ground.

That's kind of cool. I like how they made the flag effect without actually using a flag.