Summer Skies "Brothers, Oregon"

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May 1, 2003
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What a great time.. The largest turn out that I can remember.

We arrived at 5:30 AM Saturday and I was very happy to see so many people and allot of good friends..

Here is the flightline from a distance.
Here is a cool level 3 flight.. This rocket is a Sailboard Mast..

Rocket name "Pole Vault" Perfect flight..
Here is my Vulcanite Under chute.. The flag got tangled.. Still okay..
Looked like about 12" he was pretty busy getting her ready so i didn't want to bother him to much... Launched on an M1500 I believe. I may be wrong about that but from memory that sounds right.
Wow. For a moment there, I thohght I might build something like that and do my L3. I'm kidding myself, of course...
I have video of the launch.. as soon as I can get it on my cpu I'll post it...