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Mar 12, 2017
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Even a so called "mild" New England winter sucks(and this March has NOT been very mild), so to alleviate the misery, some time around the end of January I came up with the idea of making a film of launching every type of rocket I could think of, beginning with the humble stomp rocket and ending with Estes. I used to launch Estes rockets decades ago, so this movie would be a good way to get back in to it, and making the diy bottle rockets as well as the Crossfire from the Estes launch set will help to get through the last of the freezing cold.
For the film I have a friend who will do the video, and will have to either recruit a third person to take altitudes with the Altitrak or just do extra launches with no video taken to get height measurements.
Of course the Estes rockets will fly the highest, but it will be interesting to see which of the others comes in second.
I may also try flying a camera quad to get aerial footage of the rockets taking off.

Stomp rocket - air powered
Water rocket
Seltzer rocket
Soda bottle rockets
Fizzy headache pill(or alka-seltzer)
Baking soda + vinegar
Mentos + diet coke
Coke + butane
Sharpie compressed air rocket
Match rocket - mortar
Match rocket - self propelled
Estes - Tandem X Launch Set

Cheap 808 keychain camera - on order
Estes Altitrak - altitude finder