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Jan 3, 2020
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Today I flew my first 2 stage rocket. I have made several hundred one stagers over the years. I butted the B6-0 and B6-4 together and wrapped them with a single wrap of scotch tape. The B 6-0 fired as it should but the B6-4 was scorched at the end of the motor but did not fire. would placing a short piece of igniter in the B6-4 insure ignition.I don't like repairing rockets. Any suggestions would be welcome.
That is very unusual. BP-BP staging where the two motors are butted together is generally extremely reliable... not sure I've even heard of this happening before. I'm sure it has, but it's really rare.

As long as you're not gap staging, it sounds like you did everything correctly. Keep doing it.

Some pictures might be helpful.
Concur with both above, taped motors are just about as close to guaranteed As you can get. Gently probing the sustainer nozzle until you get a little black powder out to make sure nozzle is clear is reasonable.

do NOT put an igniter in there, unless you have it hooked up to electronics (in which case you aren’t doing black powder staging anymore) it will PREVENT ignition.

other unintentional screw ups are using a NON-zero delay motor in booster, in addition to a delay in ignition (during which your rocket is highly like to go from a straight up trajectory to an “oh _ _ _ _!” Trajectory, the clay chunks in a standard delay motor may actually block the nozzle.

also unintentional screw up is putting in the sustainer motor BACKWARD. Murphy’s law knows no bounds.
Thanks for the suggestions. Looks like Murphy's Law got the best of me.
Thanks for the suggestions. Looks like Murphy's Law got the best of me.
One other thing I’ve seen is that my tape joint isn’t strong enough. You’ll need the joint close to the middle of the tape’s width to hold them together strongly enough to achieve ignition.

If you did that already though, probably best to conclude that Murphy visited your range.
I've had the "clay in the nozzle" problem, so I try to remember to gently scrape the nozzle. Also, I prefer a B4-4 to a B6-4 for the 2nd stage, due to the larger nozzle. I miss the B4-6 (though I have a few stashed away), anything that calls for a B6-6 will fly at least as good on a B4-6, and better in many cases.