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Apr 15, 2009
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I'm in the process of finishing the SEMROC Orbital Transport and need some recommendations on primers or sealers.
I went to the LHS and talked to the owner. He sold me a very nice product from Japan - no idea what the product name is, not much English on the label. My problem is that at $15 a 180ml can it's going to cost me more to prime the rocket then it did for the kit :eek:
Can someone recommend a good primer/sealer I can get at Home Depot or Lowe's or where-ever at a more reasonable cost.
Dupli-Color Filler Primer. Runs between $5 and $8 at most auto supply places. At least those that have touch-up paints. (it's also labeled in english) 3 coats sanding between coats w/ 180-220-320 grit. Takes about an hour ande a half between coats to dry.
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We've been using Rustoleum primer for years with good results but this year I gave Micromeister's suggestion of KMart Fresh N Easy primer a try. It was about $1.60 a can (vs. $4) and it really worked well.
I just ran dry with the final coat 1/2 done :mad:
I'll bite the bullet to finish this build, but I be at Depot on the weekend and p/u a can of Rustolem (no more K-mart in Canada) for the Javelin I'm starting on next week...

Much appreciated
I too use Rust-0-leum Auto sandable primer and think it works great. I find it at Lowe's and Home Depot. It dries quickly and is easy to sand either wet or dry.
Well, for a sandable primer it's hard to beat the Walmart Colorplace 96 cents a can stuff. The red primer has a little more solids for filling minor imperfections, and the gray sands silky smooth for a great finish. I usually just use the gray and it works great.

Can't beat the price either... OL JR :)
For balsa fins I use Behlen's sanding sealer which is available in spray cans at a woodworker's supply store like Woodcraft. It fills the grain faster than the automotive primer and can be sanded in as little as 30 minutes in dry conditions. It also does not fill the sandpaper as bad as primer. Once the grain is filled, I switch to the automotive spot filling sandable primer. Since these are two different products (although both are lacquers) I try to let the sanding sealer dry at least 24 hours before the first coat of primer. I've also used Rustoleum primer over the sealer.
Recommend Rustoleum automotive grey primer as several others said. Dries quickly and easily wetsands with 220 grit to a smooth finish.