Suggestions and options for HPR level 1 camera installations?

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Aug 22, 2020
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Building my first HPR Level 1 and it comes with an avionics sled for altimeter and camera. I will not be installing a camera on the first
flight as I just want it simple simple since Murphy tags along with me. I have used several camera's on LPR mounting on the outside of the body tube. This sled says you can fit a Cam 3 on it which you can or a Gopro but my question is. You would need about a 1/2 inch hole/opening for the lense to poke out and you would be shooting horizontal to the horizon. Do you put a clear cover over the opening, is the opening covered with something and how does that size hole affect the altimeter reading if installed? I can't say I have seen any examples of this kind of installations yet everyone talks about the sled and camera's. The reason in mounting it in the E-bay is I can finally use a good camera and carry the weight/size of one, not a slender,small so,so picture from the outside tube mount with drag and weight of a good camera. Pictures, idea's sugestions, proven installs are welcomed. Thanks in advance.