suggestion for shock cords and fin materials

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Apr 7, 2004
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Hello. I'm not sure if this thread is in the right section or not, sorry if it isn't. Anyways, I need you all's feedback on the following materials for a MPR kit. The kit will be able to fly on multiple engine set ups, such as 4x D12 + 1x E9, 1x G40, 2x G40, and a couple more (don't worry, it'll be stable is each setup).

Shock cords:
150lbs Kevlar or Tubular Kevlar (mini, 500lbs, Pratt Hobbies) or any other suggestions

Fin Material:
1/8" Lite Plywood, 1/8" Birch Plywood, or any other suggestions

So what do you all think? I'm very excited with this kit, and I'm sure you all will be too :D

Although I am a G10 person, the fins sound fine. I'd up the shockcord past 150 though. 500 would work. i wouldn't feel comfortable with 150 shockcord...:(