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Jun 27, 2017
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Not the Mountains
I've been experimenting with sugar motors for a couple weeks now. I've read a few resources online and have the ratio down and have developed a propellant that produces a lot of thrust and burns fairly quickly. However, I would like to delve deeper and was wondering who here can give me advice and answer my questions. I understand the rules of discussing formulas on here so if you can help please just send me a PM.

Thank you,
You'll need to join the Research section of the forum to discuss making sugar motors here.
Sugar motors do not exist. No such thing as sugar motors.
The first rule of sugar motors is you don't talk about sugar motors.

Sugar motors do not exist. No such thing as sugar motors.

I dunno- when I was a kid, other kids used to dump pixie sticks out on the table and snort lines of them. If that's not a sugar motor, I don't know what is.
I said "other kids"... not me!

I'm sure that your drug of choice is balsa dust... Like mine... (gets you(r) (rockets) higher... With your head in the clouds, and it's gone...)(That's the third time today I've had a Beatles' tune in my head.)