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Jan 9, 2004
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I just wanted to post and update on the Sugar Motor Reload Plan. We are still going forward, but the current time frame for reloads is next summer earliest.

I wanted to post one method here so anyone interested in pursuing this type of venture could - I am not in it for the money, just to add another propellant to the hobby. Information should be open source and public domain.

The hygroscopic nature of the propellant is well known. To solve this problem we did this.

We took our casting tube and wrapped masking tape in one wrap around the outside. We then dipped the grain in Nitrocellulose Lacquer. We let it dry and dipped the grain again. Then we dissolved some styrofoam in acetone and dipped the grain once again. This layer proves to keep out the moisture the best. After it dried we dipped it in the Nitrocellulose again.

The nitrocellulose is to get it going, burn through the styrofoam and the nitrocellulose under that gets it going good.

To use the grain you just have to peel off the tape on the outside so that it fits in the liner. This keeps the unit moisture tight until ready to use. And if you didn't peel it probably wouldn't fit and it would burn on the outside (bad thing)

The starts on these grains are a little smoky and black but once up to pressure they go fine.

I just wanted to post this so anyone who has more time than me and interested in making commercial reloads might be able to benefit from the information.

Sorry to dig up this ole bone...the dog that I am, but Edward, what was the set-back for this venture?

I know you have come along way with hybrids etc. but at what point did you lay down the Candy motor idea?

The coupla threads you started with Candy Certified motors was exciting there for a while...just curious I guess.