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Nov 24, 2009
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I was half awake in bed the other morning, my mind bouncing around, and I began to think about a rocket shaped like a dirigible. I figured that someone had taken a shot at converting a plastic kit, but then I thought about The Dude, that Estes inflatable model from years back, and this hit me:

Would it be possible to somehow construct an inflatable cigar-shaped craft that is either (A) a parasite craft or (B) one that has an ejectable engine tube and is weighted so that it descends with a horizontal attitude rather than nose-down like a (yes) lead zeppelin?
Very interesting about the R-100 paper model.

Actually built the Hawk Graf Zeppelin re-release a few years back. Nice kit, but I couldn't get the wiring to work for the lighting.

And Scotty, on a side note I couldn't help but laugh at your bathtub battleship story. Back in the day my friend and I were contemplating placing a few engines on the old GI Joe Cobra hydrofoil and sending it across our neighborhood lake. Ultimately we (prudently) chose to place them in our rockets instead.