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Jun 2, 2011
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Well today our schools yearbook that I helped put togethor was only a month late!

I took a more technical role and scanned most of the photos that went in and sorted out sending pages to the publishers. I did make the 5 pages at the back which had room for people to sign. Not much really, just a background and the word "signatures" at the top. All went well and I was most worried about getting the word central at the top of the page.

We sent the pages off and the proofs came back. We sorted any problems and sent them off. The second proofs came back, everything was checked and the book went to print. The books came back last week and whilst distributing them after school today one of my team members shouted....

"What have I done?"
"You spelt Signatures wrong!"
heh. Our school's yearbook is notoriously bad. Freshman year, they replaced some senior's photo with mine. Since then, it has gotten much worse: factual errors, speeling errors, bad indecies, etc.

Its the thought that counts :)
"What have I done?"
"You spelt Signatures wrong!"

It is spelled man, not spelt :D
I wasn't even in my Senior yearbook:D :D Fitting though, nobody new I was there in the first place even though I had near perfect attendance and almost all A’s all through school. I think it’s funny. I just never went and got my picture taken.
Originally posted by grimlock3000

It is spelled man, not spelt :D

Pfft! Grammar doesn't matter! :D

There's quite a few typos in there...but nobody else managed to replicate theirs 5 times in size 60! :D
Oh and lets not forget this book didn't even break even!

Yep, super smooth! :D
Do they ever break even?

On our bookshelf, we have two copies of each 1984 and 1985 yearbooks. My better half and I went to the same High School. Sad thing is, her senior year (1986) was destroyed by rain when her mom left it in a box of books on her sister's doorstep, thinking it was hers. A lot of memories lost there.

Even though they suck now, take care of them. They will mean more to you 19 years....NINTEEN YEARS...AAAAGGGGGHH. Sorry, 19 years later.

I put an "i" instead of the the "a" so it said Signitures. Blindingly obvious now but it got through all the proofing.

Nevertheless we're pretty proud of what we acheived, no doubt I'll look back on the mistakes and laugh.