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Jan 27, 2015
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Middlesex, NY
I've been using Rocksim for a number of years, but only just decided (for a variety of reasons) to try Open Rocket the other day. So, I got it running and pulled in a Rocksim file for comparison. The display problem is that the component text box in the upper left is very scrunched up and only partially readable. I can't find a display setting tool to let me change it, but I'm not at all yet familiar with the software. I would not, however, be shocked if it ties back to a setting on my tablet itself (a Surface 4 Pro). This is what I see:


Thanks in advance for any advice forthcoming...
Did you change the default font/size in Windows? The text looks different to me.
I've not changed anything in that area that I am aware of. I will mention, though, that I have a similar issue in Rocksim, though its a little more tolerable there. But I don't notice anything like that in any other program that I run. However, the issue (at least regarding Rocksim) is specific to the Surface. It did not occur on my previous Win10 tablet that I had Rocksim on. That's why I had the sneaking suspicion that it is a more global setting on the machine...
It's an issue with high resolution screens.

Dig through the forums, you'll find where someone wrote a .exe file to install Openrocket. If you run that .exe, it solves the issues.
I appreciate the input, however, digging through the forums - for anything - with this site's search function isn't a practical endeavor. I took a stab at it, but I don't have time to read every single thread that might have those search terms in them; I'd sooner just dump OR and stick to Rocksim... :facepalm: