Striping Cardboard mailing tubes?

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Apr 8, 2004
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Alright so I've tried a few times to strip a few mailing tubes i have. But i can't even seem to do it. I'l get a few inches into the tube then the piece rips off. And i end up with a bump in the middle from where the cardboard never came out.

Are there any good ways to get ALL of the paper out?
Any advice is much appreicaited. (sp?)


What exactly are you trying to do?
1) Are you trying to increase the inner diameter of the tube by pulling a few layers of the inner wall out?
2) Are you trying to remove the tube out from under a composit resin coating?
3) Are you trying to remove the surface of the maining tube to get rid of the labels and tape marks and have it be smooth again?

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
sorry about not being clear...i wondered why i had gotten so many views and no replies... lol sorry :(

Im tryin to strip out some paper from the inside....making the ID larger. Just a regular Cardboard/Paper mailing tube.
All I'm trying to do is get rid of some of the uneeded paper and lose some weight.

sorry again for not being clear. :D
As you already know, cardboard tubes are tough to strip out from the inside. Some tubes are actually spiral wound paper more than they are cardboard. For those I typically tape a full length of peeled spiral to the end of a dowel or section of PVC pipe that extends down through the tube. I then slowly turn the dowel so that the spiral keeps wrapping around the end of the dowel as it peels away the inner wall of the tube.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
I have had limited sucess with peeling 2" and 3" mailing tubes from the OUTSIDE. I usually brush them with a wet rag, wait about 10 minutes and the water seeps in just about 1 layer. i peel the wet, and sometimes repeat, taking off a second layer. The ends usually absorb extra water and delaminate a couple of inches from each end. I cut that off after they are dry. I usually coat inside and out with shellac.
well ive been playing around with it for awhile. My best effort so far was to take an xacto knife and find the end of a spiral on the INSIDE and cut and deep as i need then peel the layers out from the cut. The dowel technique works pretty good for this to keep the paper from breaking off half way through. I haven't tried anything else yet but will probably try the water soon.
Thnx for all ideas guys.