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Feb 20, 2010
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Hi, I'm looking for a streamer material for TARC and I hope you can help. My first question is Dura-Lar identical to Mylar used for streamer? Also, I've noticed that apogeerockets ran out of stock for its 10 in. wide mylar streamer. Is there any other vendor that sells streamers that wide? Thank you.
You should be able to check your local hunting/camping/sporting goods stores for emergency outdoor "space" blankets

These are the aluminized (usually silver) mylar blankets, fairly thin, suitable for streamers or chutes, usually only cost a couple bucks. The blankets are something like 6 ft x 8 and should give you enough material to work with

And BTW, there is nothing sacred about mylar. If you can find a big enough piece of "Dura-Lar" (I don't know what that is) to make your streamer, give it a try
thank you for the fast response :) i'll definitely check. i'm really looking for a ~ 10 in. wide streamer because the payload needs to stay aloft for a long time.
Generally space blankets are considerably thicker then the maximum 2mil mylar used for competition streamers. You can also try ASP I believe they also used to sell mylar streamer kits. they to are kind of thick 3 or 4 mil but might be ok for TARC size models.