Streamer size for a Mustang?

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Jan 18, 2009
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I was just wandering if anyone here has flown an AT Mustang with a streamer for recovery. If so, what size did you use? I guesstimate a 7 by 70 inch Top Flight would be sufficient, what do you think? I plan on launching mine with a G80-10 at Southern Thunder, and would like the best chance for a return :)
You might want to try just 'reefing' the shroud lines on the parachute. That way, the parachute won't open fully.

I vaguely recall Scott Pearce (Mustang designer) taping the shroud lines on a Mustang so it wouldn't drift too far. He may even have tried a streamer (I can't remember).

I do remember flights where the Mustang would land on a hard surface and the body tube would sometimes crimp just above the leading edge of the fins.
I flew my Mustang with a 6 by 60 inch Top Flight streamer multiple times. Though, I still got some drift from it, and actually lost it in a tree branch hanging over a stream due to it drifting too far. It drifted way too far for my liking when I used the chute the first time. Also, I put a light coat of epoxy on the inside of the aft end of the airframe which prevented it from ever sustaining any damage. I really liked that rocket; very easy to prep with the baffle system.