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May 10, 2011
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I just had the strangest dream last night.... I have a really bad cold, so I think I can blame that for all the strange dreams... Normally its cause I ate a lot of peanuts or something...:D So here goes. Maybe someone will be able to tell me what it means....:D

I am in a toy store, walking through, looking at kites and styrafoam gliders, and I see this rack of rockets. But they are not like anything you see today... They were Estes rocket kits from the 60s or something... There were about 10 rockets called "K6 Astron Ranger" or something similar... There were some other ones, but thats the only one I can remember right now...

OK, rocket experts!!! Whats it mean!?!?!?!?!??!? If this had happened in real life I certainly would have cleaned them out in no time... but alas, I woke up...:( :(
i had a rocket dream once.... i was sitting ove my work bench working on some estes kit, when suddenly the point of my hobbyknife snaps off and stabs me in the eye and i run around my room until the bleeding stops.....*shivers* that was the only rocket dream i've ever had
Maybe... Or maybe take a walk over to JimZs site and see if there is a "K6 Astron Ranger", or if there ever was one...:rolleyes:
oh, the astron ranger is a real rocket. Not sure if it is K6 or not.

weird dream, that' s for sure :)
yeah it is, but better than getting a razor in the eye
It had fins like the Big Bertha, but the leading edge was more up and down....:confused:
I'm not trying to jump on the bandwagon here or steal Neil's thunder, but I've had a dream just like his...really!

I dreamed that I walked into some corner store hobby shop in some old town and saw nothing but Estes Optimas, SatV's, OOP 60s kits (with the pink, green, blue covers), some old tattered LOC kits, and a bunch of other stuff. What's crazy is that I yanked the old man that was restocking a shelf down the aisle and started asking him frantically how much he wanted for each individual kit. He looked at me like I was crazy. What really sucked was that I had to choose only 3 or 4 kits because I only had a $20 in my pocket.

Grrr...overall it was a frustrating dream because I woke up to realize that it wasn't real. In the past I have been fortunate enough to walk into a hobby shop to find OOP kits that I did end up buying. (NCR Bomarc, Estes Strato/Astroblaster, TLP missile kits, etc.) I think that one thread about the classic finds that were stashed away triggered it.

Bizzare...I need a vacation from rockets!
You guys think it's unusual to have rocket dreams?

Then I must be really wierd, because about half of my dreams are about rockets! The other half is about work, but that's to be expected.

Just last night I dreamt about looking in my motor box and seeing nothing but A10-3T's (I cleaned out my local Michael's clearance sale on them recently). But I couldn't find a rocket to put any into. I kept trying to use tape to build one up to 18mm size!

What do Estes Optimas look like? I remember there was one other small black rocket I chose, but I didnt mention it because I didnt remember the name... It was BT20 more or less, maybe a foot high... Ogive or Parabolic nose cone...

There was also one small scale kit... BT50 or BT55. Not BT60, though. It was something like a D region Tomahawk or something... I forget now, but it was definetly a scale model of something...

Only in MY dream, the rack of rockets was just to the left of the counter with an older man behind an old-style cash register...

Looks like ill be looking on Ebay for a really long time! Now I need an old sale rack, an anchient cash register, 10 K6 Astron Rangers, 6 little black kits, and 3 little scale kits....:D
The Astron Ranger (Estes K6) is a three-motor bird very similar to the Big Bertha. In fact, the August 2002 NAR member guidebook has an article on kitbashing a Ranger from a Big Bertha kit.
At kit #6, the Ranger predates the Bertha, which was kit #23 and released in 1965, three years after the Ranger.
Anyone wanting a photocopy of the article should send me a private message with your mailing address.
I remember reading that article... That was the second or third Sport Rocketry I ever got...

It wasnt quite like that though. I must have mixed up the name. This rocket looked something like this...
Man, I have that weird, out-of-the-way hobby shop dream with all the out-of-production and never-were-in-production kits all the time. And something always keeps me from buying them. And when I wake up I realize it wouldn't have done me any good it I *had* bought them.

I hate that dream.
I just had a dream where I was trying to pack a chute into an Interceptor clone, and failing miserably. Which might have been all for the best, because the guy at the edge of the crowded beach had his Renegade weathercock into the wind over the surf, and both the booster and the sustainer landed in the water.