Stormcaster...the odyssey

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Jun 27, 2004
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Well, we all have overpower something in our life, but the extremes that we take it too is something much different. Before I tell you this story, you must know that the Stormcaster is definately in my book one of the best estes kits out there.

Ok, last weekend we were at Orangeburg and decided to launch a stormcaster. So, we bought an F21. Yes, an F21. Well, successful launch and recovery and it went about 4000 feet or so. We have also launched a Stormcaster on an E30 so this wasn't just one of those out of the blue attempts. Anyway, we officially declared then that this was a GOOD kit.

This weekend, we decided to test the limits...we did something that not many others have done. Does anyone know the G record? Thats right, we ripped the motor mount out, and stuck not only a G in it, but a G80 at that. I would say 6000-6500 feet was accomplished easily. The cool part was that this G80 we had had a 10 second delay so we saw the tracking smoke for 10 seconds waaaaay up at apogee. It looked surreal. Everything went right, well, except recovery of coarse. We did not even bother looking for it because we saw it float past the interstate...needless to say, someone has a Stormcaster with very nice West Systems epoxy fillets.:D

But, there was something a little weird about this. When I went to tear out the motor mount, the whole MM tube just snapped in half. It was burnt from the last F21 flight and would probably not survive another. So, I guess what I am trying to say was this rocket was done for anyway, we just gave it a graceful last goodbye....:D :cool:
The delay charge burning through the top of the motor (after the ejection fires) is the most likely culprit for that. I seen many Estes motor tubes roasted by that.
I bought a stormcaster kit that I need to finish. I foamed the nosecone, glassed the tube and fins, I can't decide between a 29mm or 38mm mount. If 29mm, it'll get an Ellis H275, if 38mm it's getting an EX I motor of some sort.
From Tripoli:

AT G-75
7,567 ft
William Inman

I'd go with something long burn and low weight, a G12 would be preferable but AFAIK it's OOP and weighs too much and would be too expensive to lose, it's a reloadable.