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Mar 20, 2009
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I have a Stormcaster that is missing some parts. I was missing the yellow engine spacer tool but I had one of those in the junk box. The other part I'm missing is the 'engine hook retainer' 30450. I have a piece of glassine tube (heavier wall then probably what was supplied) but regardless I don't know the length.
Anybody know the length and diameter (OD) of this piece?

This part sure does look like overkill for holding onto the metal motor clip.

I don't have the "factory" specs on the part sizes - they may differ slightly.
I pulled out one of my kits, and to the best that these old eyeballs can see:

ID is approx 0.97 to 0.98 inch
OD is approx 1.10 to 1.12
(yes, the wall thickness is heck-for-stout)
Part length is 2.10 inch

If you have the kit instructions, you know that this slips over the BT50 motor mount, with the metal "engine" hook in place so it also slips inside this retainer part. If you don't have the official Estes part you could accomplish 99 percent of the same thing by using a 2.1 inch length of plain BT50 (or heavy-wall, if you have it), slitting the BT50 lengthwise on one side, and slipping your home-made retainer over the kit MMT (part 30373) and hook (part 35021) with a good layer of glue under the retainer. Center the slit on the side of the MMT opposite from the metal hook, wrap with a gob of rubber bands, and let dry overnight.

And welcome to TRF! I hope some of this info was what you needed, otherwise come right on back and post another qstn.
The tube not only retains the hook, it also is what the TTW fins glue to. I would try to get as close to it as possible to ensure the fins are touching. Although, it is a bit of "over-kill" if you have good fillets on the TB.
Thanks for the info. I'm not really new to TRF - more like new again? I used to be on here before the board changed. All my old stuff is in the archives under 'bcdlr'
.... it also is what the TTW fins glue to....

Yeah, I agree, if you build the kit per instructions the fin roots are indeed overkill, especially considering that they would be fine if they were just glued onto the outside of the main BT. Plus one overkill for fin root tabs that go through-the-wall, plus another one for fin root tabs that reach all the way in to the MMT, and then plus yet another overkill for fins that attach to a monster thick tube that has the strength and stiffness of a motor casing. Definitely over-built.

Makes me wonder if Estes was secretly planning a 24mm K motor....