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Nov 7, 2004
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Launched the storm caster today on 3 D12-5s (one after another). Using my wirless rig I first got back around 150 feet but that wasn't far enough, still had to crane my neck way back to see it. Tried 250 feet on the second launch but I was STILL too close! Last launch I got back around 500 feet and that was pretty comfortable. I watched it ascend gracefully all the way up without having to look straight up at it,, and I could see it's height in relation to surrounding objects. All three launches were quite successful, very little breeze. Last launch nearly came down in some walnut trees but missed them by about 15 feet or so. I think the altitude was around 1000 feet.

I think next time I do this(High and/or D launches) I might try even farther, just to get a different perspective on it. I will also try filming a launch and my actual firing point with my digicam's movie mode. Then maybe I'll post the mpeg somewhere.

Something else I wanted to mention that I didn't in one of my other threads was that in the setup I use,the transmitter sends out a continous carrier which 'squelches' the background noise on the signal,, which is why you always must turn the transmitter on first before the receiver else it might go up before you want it to and you might miss seeing it. This is the 'good' type of rig like all good model airplane radio systems use. Don't use a cheap radio system because you're going to get disappointed results,, either not enough distance to make it worthwhile, or if it's not a continous carrier type outfit it could go off when you aren't watching which sucks. The rig needs to have an output high enough to fire the igniter,, so if it's a radio system from an electric plane then you simply use the motor's drive lines.

In other words(regarding interference) don't try to use some cheap rc car system from walmart. Use a decent system. The yellow bee rc plane that I found was a real lucky find because the radio outfit in it is much better than the plane could ever hope to be,, lol! And,, it's very cheap. I think all the engineering went into the receiver and not the plane. *chuckle*
Although it's still on 27mHz, meaning if anyone with a half decent RC car is within a mile, you could still get an unanticipated launch. What I would reccomend to make it safer is to put a failsafe on your system. We use that in RC boats so even if some idiot turns his radio on your frequency while you're cruisin at 30mph, it'll just return to idle rather than go crazy. If they sense any conflict or loss of signal, they return to a preset condition (disarm the pad). Back on topic - sounds like a great launch. Those always fly nice and straight. Hope to see some video soon.:D
As far as unanticipated launches go, sure it could happen, although the field strength of the transmitter is going to outpower most of the typical rc car type stuff or planes, or even most stray CB interference unless the guy drives right out in front of where I live. The system does have a 12 to 15 foot wire going from the launch pad to the receiver where it is armed. So the only real bummer of an unanticipated launch is that after you have turned on the receiver and are walking back to your post it goes off without you seeing it. That would suck, although it hasn't happened yet.
It's amazing how a few frequencies are getting jammed from other sources..

Along with our 'hobby' frequencies, which are 27 & 72mHz, these frequencies are also shared with the rail yards, for the remote rail way switches. Industrial ganttry cranes also aparently share our frequencies. Other 'industrail' things too, like remote demands, and other 'industrial 'remote control'.

Garage doors too! (somethign fun for the kiddies, drive aropund a posh nieghbourhood with your RC Tx on, and wiggle the sticks. You'll soon find a door that'll open!!)

We interfere with them, big trouble. They shoot down an RC plane. Our fault..
What i'm talking about are HOBBY CLASS RC cars, not radioshack. Almost all come with 27MHz systems, and have ranges of 1/4 to 1/2 MILE. This is long enough to interfere. Also, hobby frequencies are 1: 27MHz (both air and surface, so both the planes and the cars/boats interfere with the signal, and there's only 6 frequencies legal in the US. There's a reason the plane and car guys who are REALLY serious stay away from 27MHz)
2: 72Mhz (Planes only)
3: 75Mhz (surface only)