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Jun 18, 2003
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I have just got a camera bag to my new digital camera and all the accessories. Things like the extra memory cards, battery charger and extra batteries.

So I was wondering; How should I carry my extra batteries? I mean is there anything special I should put them in or just throw them in one of the many pockets? I want to keep a set of fully charged batteries with me at all time, so while I am at a launch I don't miss any great pictures.

I'd put some electrical tape over the contacts so they can't short across any keys or coins in your pockets
electrical tape would leave a residue which would be bad, leads to bad conections. find some kind of small container to put them in. a plastic baggie would work. you can find neat little cases for batteries at most camera shops for a couple of bucks. some hold memory cards too. but put them in something to keep them from shorting out. and DON'T put them in your pocket with your keys. trust me on this one. ouch:(

remember to charge your batteries at least once a month.
Usually a camera bag has several pockets in it. I keep the batteries in its own pocket. That way it is near impossible for them to short againts something, or each other.
I have a little case thingy. At the time our camera was bought, we got one case, 2 chargers, and 3 extra sets of batteries. That way, we carry the chargers around with batteries (2 sets), and carry the other 2 sets in the case, and the remaining set in the camera.