Stored assembled motors... How long? Issues?

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Jan 20, 2011
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I have a fully assembled K550. It was assembled TWO years ago - minus the BP charge.
I have heard people had NO issues with motors assembled and then, for whatever issue, not used for years...
I have heard people backed off the closures... years, THEN tightened them and had no issues...

Keep in mind, tho not singles use... the motor was never exposed to extreme temps on either end of the spectrum nor stored in a high humidity environment. Indeed most a quite DRY environment.

Anyone with real world experience?
I'm not a fan of backing off closures. I've done many for a year or so. a few for a couple. I'd say light it.
Nice to see you back, Jeff.

I too have some 2-3 year old assembled motors. The ones I've already used worked fine. Didn't back off the threaded closures either.

Looking forward to seeing your launch photos again...soon!
The only issue I would expect for your motor is that white lightning oxidizes badly. If it does not go with the standard ignitor, tape a chunk of blue thunder to the ignitor, lightly sand the core, or both.
I flew a CTI motor that I had loaded for almost 3 years. It was a red, lit just fine. Didn't do a darn thing to it but put the "motor lighter" into it
Come to LDRS and you can watch me fly a AMW K1000 Skid that I've had loaded for 3 years (yes, a real K1000 skid, made by Paul :>)
I had a J350W that I stored with backed off closures for 10 years. I removed the O-rings, re-lubed them, tightened closures and flew it last year. No issues.
I had a batch of Aerotech 29mm Blue Thunder G's that were stored for ~10yrs with closures tight. I shook out the BP and flew them with electronic deployment, no issues.
If you had oxidation concerns, most I'd do it take out the top grain and scuff up the core.
Thanks all...
Looks like I will not have a pad for the Sublime with the K550. So that may have to wait anyways :(

My pad, based on the Rockwell Jawstand, is not a K550 kinda pad. It can do maybe baby J's like the J350. Of course I mean when staked firmly into the ground.
So our test of years may have to wait... but GALL DURN IT! Even if I am alone, I am flying something! :)

Even if BP, BP two stagers, and a few Single stage F's etc!
If it comes off, of COURSE you'll get the photo launch report. Man... I am getting old... but not dead yet... Want to try a electronic apogee deploy with a "Chute Release" at 300'.
Lucerne Dry Lake or bust...

Clear skies
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