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Feb 13, 2010
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What does everyone use to store/transport rockets, equipment, supplies, etc? I am new to the hobby and using a plastic bag and my hands just aint cutting it.
I use a good ol' fishing-tackle box, with some fold-out trays and a nice deep compartment in the bottom for my low-power stuff.
The trays can be used to keep your motors organized once you open the packs and are left with odds-n-ends. Tools and supplies(pliers, screwdrivers, sandpaper, glue, epoxy, superglue, spare batteries, etc.) fit in the bottom. Rockets get stood up in a big cardboard box with a carry handle cut in the side.
I'm sure there are better ways to do it.
Wally Mart has a nice assortment of see-tru "STERLLITE" containers, with handles.
This is dejavue all over again.

I think I posted this a few years ago....maybe...

My box.

wow sandman....looks like you kinda overdid it there ;)

I just go with a big sterilite box, heavy AT rockets on the bottom and light LPR on the top. All my big rockets I carry in my hands
Don't think me to be a smart butt, but I bought a 98' Dodge Dakota to carry all of my stuff to a launch. I bring everything, cause you never know what you or someone you know will need something to fly with...I now have my eyes set on a Chevy Suburban so I can carry even more rockets and my family as well.
I use the big sterilite boxes too. I travel accross the country all year and they hold up. I wrap the individual rockets in old publix or walmart bags, and all is good. They seem to not mind severe car heat either (same goes for the shopping bags too). Just remove your orange estes streamers from the little kits, case they will melt all over and fuse to stuff.
I carry all my launch stuff in an old cardboard box that is cubical in dimension, approximately 18" on each axis. It needs replacement, as it has "been through the war." My rockets get placed in the 3rd row seat of the TrailBlazer, covered with egg crate foam, then covered with an old quilt, then buckled in with the safety belts.

My kids, on the other hand, get lashed down to the luggage rack on the roof with bungee cords. ;)
I use 3 sterilite containers, 1 for my rockets, another for my wifes rockets and the other for engines and misc. The 2 rocket boxes are set up with 40 2.25"x9" tubes glues together to hold rockets upright. The other box has 3 estes portapads and controllers, range box, dog barf container and ammo box(motor storage). Any rocket that is over 36" tall gets carried out seperately.

Note to self....get box or something for rocket storage and transportation...
A tackle box is a good idea, for smaller stuff, or Rubbermaid container for larger stuff
I have a large plastic tool box that I use for motors and associated supplies. A medium plastic box for chutes, tools, adhesives, and such. A long flat clear wrapping paper box about 10 inches high that contains most of my ground support. The rest I just pile in the van. The rockets go in last so I can place them where they will be safe. I have a couple of spring loaded curtain rods that I fit across the rear arm rests in the van, then place my table on them, to make a two tier loading area. This is usually where the rockets end up riding.
I use this box for all my Estes Motors, from 13mm thru E9's and it works well. Lowes, about $12. I also bought a huge fishing tackle box for my MicroMaxx. When transporting MODEL rockets to the field, I use the Rubbermaid bins you get for about $4-5. HPR is a different story. I use a shallower box similar to the one shwon below for my altimeters and accessories.

<a href="">Motor Box</a>

I might try that one Carl... my tacklebox is crammed with motors already.

For transporting rockets to the field, I just throw em in the back seat with a little care. The motors usually go in the ammo box in the back seat or the tacklebox in front of me. Then when I get to the field I store them in the car until I want to launch. Then after they're launched they go back in the car, making it smell of BP.

Those sterlite boxes are a good idea, how big are they?
heres how I transport my launcher and supplies to launch site. I just set my rockets in the third row seat of the venture or front seat of my pick-up.
I don't have a good picture of it, but I use a heavy duty yellow/black plastic tool box from Walmart that was about $15 and came with a smaller tool box inside. The top has compartments on each side that open up without opening the lid to the box itself and I fit motors there sorted by size. Inside in the top tray are chutes, tape, launch controller, etc.. in the main part of the box I have extra motors, wadding, batteries, up to three Estes pads and spare controllers. Easy to carry in one hand and everything is there. for the rockets, I took scrap pieces of plywood and epoxied spent motors on top, four or five to a piece of wood (about 6" X 16"). the rockets can then be carried in the other hand if I'm alone or a couple people can easily carry a dozen or more rockets and the fligt box. In the picture you can barely see the top of the tool box, but you can see the rocket stand. The last time I didn't use my rocket stand, I had 6 rockets laying on the ground and 10 Cub Scouts running around tryingi to catch rockets coming down and return them to me, I cringed every time I saw them running at me full speed with the rockets on the ground in front of them aaaAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!
I like that idea for carrying rockets! It looks like that Baby Bertha fades from blue to yellow, what’s your technique for doing that?
I use one of those big plastic rolling toolboxes as my range box.

For BP motor storage, PVC Pipe works GREAT. Cut a chunk to length and slip an end cap on each end. Scribble on the end cap or side w/ a Sharpie. I cut 'em about 24" long. If you mark on the end, you can stack 'em or stand 'em up in a wad and pick the one you need pretty quickly. Kinda like going through a stack of blue tubes in the hobby store cabinet :)

1/2" for 13mm
3/4" for 18mm
1" for 24mm

The Baby Bertha paint was laziness but it came out OK. I primed it, then spray-canned the yellow over the center 2/3 of the rocket. After two coats dried, I grabbed the blue spray and with no masking sprayed the bottom section up to the fins, overlapping the bottom of the yellow, waited for two coats to dry, then held the rocket with the cone down and repeated. the spray splatter creates a nice dither effect between the two colors. The yellow at the bottom of the fins was an afterthought that didn't work too well since I ran out of the original yellow and used a bad choice as the replacement yellow :)
I have a large heavy duty cardboard box from an acrylic kitchen sink and a coupe of large plastic wrapping paper storage boxes. For gear I have a large inexpensive tool box with lid storage compartments. I put my launch rods in a 1/2 inch PVC pipe that is capped at the ends and has a threaded union in the middle.
I use a large Plano tackle box that I got at Wallyworld. It's got small dividers in the lid for things like igniters, swivels, small tools, etc. The lid lifts up for large storage items like large tools, tape, and epoxy. It's got drawers that slide out in the front. Two for motors, one for chutes/recovery items. I also keep a "launch day checklist" in there so I don't forget anything when I'm going flying!

I was at Lowe's and saw a really nice looking plastic toolbox for ten bucks. I looked at the sticker on it and found out (Wait! There's More!) there was a second toolbox inside it. Now, the big one is my filed box, the smaller is my construction box. I got a third box, which is really just a set of drawers with a handle, just for engines. I also picked up a cheap plastic set of 4 drawers about 30" high, for storing my bulk stuff like spray paints, thinners, sandpaper packages, etc. Total cost, $30.
Carl, I liked your motor box so much, I went today and got one. It's perfect for Estes/Quest motors!! I went to Lowes first, and they didn't have it. So, I trekked over to Home Depot, and found it for just under 10 bucks. Thanks for the idea!!
For Scale models and other models I want to protect as well as display I've been making custom cases for 1/8" and/or 3/16" Foamcore with a slide on .030" to .063" clear lexan lid/top/face depending on how they are placed. they are light weight but strong, can be customized to any size I want and stack for transport/storage.

I'm also one of those you use the Roll around Tool boxes as Range boxes. as well a lots of different size "Rubbermaid" snap lid bins, and boxes for models.

Range bulk motor transport is in a converted 8"x 8"x 18" steel rain tight transformer box, with liftout tray. every thing from 10.5mm to 24mm D12's. a standard 50cal. ammo box is converted into a "Ready Motors" box with support junk in a lift-out tray.
a big cardboard box and packing peanuts...

normally if im just goin down to the park a few blocks away i throw my range box and my small ones in the trunk and tie any bigger ones to the roof of the car... makes quite a commotion when you pull up...
For motor storage and transport, I use ammo cans for .50 cal ammo.
I bought them at an army surplus store. They are inexpensive,
really tough, and seemed an appropriate thing to store black powder in.
The drawback is they are rather deep and have no dividers. I cut out
cardboard and taped them inside the ammo cans to make dividers.

I like that motor box, but I can't make out the brand on it. What is that thing? I checked at my local Lowe's, and, like usual, they didn't have anything that remotely looked like that.