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Jan 9, 2004
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I have two BRAND NEW designs I need BETA testers for. I came up with them today with Hahn of STL Rocketry, at a Pizza Hut and on a napkin :) Both chutes will drop 16 ounces (1#) I need two people to test them for me.

What I would like is your feedback - the shape, size, how they performed, any changes. Anything and everything I want you to look at and tell me what you like and don't like, what you would change, etc. I like feedback.

Reply to this and by Friday morning I'll hopefully get the chutes out to you...

Count me in...

I may be hitting you up for a larger chute design in the future...
I realize I'm third in line this morning but I'm willing to try your chutes. I have the perfect 1 lbs. rocket. Thanks,

You WON'T be disappointed!!! (Unless the test fails of course. :D ) Check out the STL thread in "Support and Recovery" for a sweet picture of one of Edward's chutes in action on my 4" Der Red Max.
If there ends up only three of you guys reply - I will make another chute and send it out. :)

If you want a tester to check on UK performance - then I volunteer!!