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Jan 17, 2009
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Alrrighty guys and ladies...

this is a BIG sale.. now its not for your average rocketeer but its something EVERY ROCKETEER NEEDS or should have.

This week only I am doing a special on full color printed CLUB logo decals..

thats right stickers for your club or organization!

these will be full color "stickers" printed on 5 year vinyl cut to shape!

we will start with 4" x 4" decals for only $1.25 each! NORMALLY $1.66 each

6" x 6" decals $2.50 Normally $3.66 each..

8" x 8" decals $3.75 each NORMALLY $6.66 each

Minimum orders will apply to this special ( My minimum setup and print fee is $35.00)

I WILL ALSO GIVE DISCOUNTS FOR LARGER NUMBERS!!!! this means if you by 10 you get the sale price you buy 25 and I will discount ANOTHER 10% and the larger the order the larger the discount!

Minimum order DOES include 30 mins of design time... this means if you DONT have a club logo and need one I can do a simple one for you INCLUDED in your order. additional design time is $45 and hour..

SO talk to your club... its time to get together and make your club be KNOWN! show it off with a COOL FULL COLOR STICKER!
these are great for range boxes... car windows... on your rocket or as a club fun raiser... these are GREAT sellers at club launches, and with a little markup they make GREAT profit to help out your organization!

these do NOT have to be ROCKETRY clubs only I can do them for ANY club or organization..

SO how does it work??

this one is easy... Just contact me Via e-mail [email protected]

tell me what you want... if you have a club logo already please send it with your request.. tell me what you have in mind and we will go from there..

NOW I know designing and deciding on a final decal and number can be tough... so NO WORRIES.. as long as you contact me by SUNDAY 4/16/2017 and tell me you want in on the deal.. we are good to go... we can finalize after that!

PLEASE understand I do have a day job and designing decal plus filling orders and working might delay me on getting back to you.. but again as long as you contact me before sunday night... you are in on the special..

PRICES are by the square inch.. so 4" x 4" is just an example.. this can be any size you need.

this offer is good only for Full color printed club decals ordered in Quantity... and cannot be combined with ANY other stickershock23 sale or offer!

thanks for looking and remember..
Wow im getting lots of responses to this thanks a million to those who have so far..

for the rest of you... just a nuge to keep it out in front!

Thanks !
This amazing Easter sale offer is almost gone - just like the chocolate ears of my bunny treat.
Postman ate the rest of my bunny but delivered an awesome package of club stickers. STICKERSHOCK rocks!!!